Klebang Beach, Malacca.


Went for kite-flying after some satay. Remember one of my previous post on Sun May Hiong Satay House? We went there for lunch again. Then, a short drive to Klebang Beach.

There are stalls selling kites and food along the road. Choose your kite wisely. There's no turning back. (OK, just kidding)

Of course, you could bring your own kite there.
There's an empty area for kite-flying but some people like to go to the beach instead.

After we've choosen our kites. It's time to fly them!
P.S. I shared a kite with my brother. Well, I could only go with the owl. No choice. I wasn't in the mood that day anyway. Caught a cold. Oh well..

Took a break and an ice-cream each..

"Have a break, have a Kit Kat"
OK. I'm addicted to this slogan. It's been such a long time since I last had a Kit Kat. :X

Went to the beach to play because the wind wasn't strong enough that day.

The ultimate cave, by moi. And the maid.
Not qualified to be the Bat Cave but why not a secret hideout? Hmm...

The boat makes such a nice silhouette. Nice sunset too.

And here's me. With the, uhm.. school bag. Okok, I don't have any suitable bags left. Mom keeps saying "Wait for the Bangkok trip lah!" Oh well, a few more months to go..

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