Sun May Hiong Satay House, Malacca


I felt like a tourist in Malacca on this trip. I mean, what I usually do in Malacca is watch movies and slack at my aunt's or grandma's house. I think I accomplished much this trip. :D

We went to a satay house called Sun May Hiong in Jalan Kota Laksamana, Melaka. They serve satay which are not too bad. And boy, full house! My aunt was surprised to see so many people there.
Must be because of the school holidays clashing with the Hari Raya holidays.

Had to wait for sometime before the satays are served. Tried those "ketupat rice" with the satay sauce as appetizers.

There are both pork and chicken satay. It costs about RM0.70 each. I like the pork one better because of its crispiness whilst the chicken was like, quite normal.

They had so much business that this worker of theirs was sitting there and ready the satays to be grilled. I think she spent most of her day there.

As usual, we were divided into two tables. Let's see, our table [which consists of 5 kids and an adult, I'm a kid :D ] had about 64 sticks of satay in total whilst the other one had around 50. Kids for the win! Hahas.

Speaking of satays, I'll have another post about Malacca's satay celup sometime soon. Brace yourselves! xD

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