Taang Shifu


My first time at Taang Shifu. I don't normally have herbal stuff but long story short, my aunt decided on this restaurant and we had no choice but to pick whatever that is on the menu.

We had quite a long time deciding what's for lunch while waiting for my mom to park her car.

Since I'm not a huge fan of herbal stuff, I took a Mee Suah with Herbs and Rice Wine. I felt that the wine was a little too much for me but well, as you know me, I finished the whole thing.

My brother and sister shared a Mee Suah with Dried Scallop and Abalone Pieces.

We also had some tofu and veggies. My cousins were quite full as they had had something earlier so they were content with the tofu and veggies.

The Black Sesame Buns are kinda like pebbles, in appearance, I mean. My aunt recommended them to us so we decided to have some too.

No. We did not have birds nest or anything. We were just having lunch.
If you are into herbs and health, you can have a try at it. Unfortunately, I'm neither. x)

Or just visit the website? Taang Shifu Official Site in Malaysia

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