Baskin Robbins, The Curve


Sequel to Senjyu.

After Senjyu, we went to Baskin Robbins for an ice-cream because the birthday-boy-to-be wanted one. As a fan of Haagen Dazs, I seldom go to Baskin Robbins for ice-cream. Perhaps it was because I never found my flavor of ice-cream.

Well, I've found mine now. Pralines n Cream! Basically, I LOVE anything caramel.
We did not order a sundae but got a scoop of ice-cream each.

My bro got a Cookies n Cream ice-cream for himself and my mom to share. Well, he mustn't have too much  ice-cream.

And here's my sis with a Gold Medal Ribbon ice-cream. She had a runny nose but she took the ice-cream anyway. Tsk tsk. Such a waste of money, since she couldn't taste the ice-cream

And me with my Pralines n Cream! Guess there's a flavor for me at Baskin Robbins after all. Perhaps I should frequent more often because it's cheaper than Haagen Dazs. Haagen Dazs will wait. x)

Meh. I love this photo. Making funny faces at the camera. Yes, I'm indulging in my ice-cream so don't bother. Haha. By the way, my bro's expression is darn cute.

We went out for a walk after the dinner and the ice-cream. Notice the little stars and the checkered squares hanging around? The checkered squares are a kind of traditional Malay food called ketupat. Why ketupats? For starters, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, which is a new year for Muslims, is around the corner!

And the theme color for Hari Raya is green. Don't ask me why. Auspicious for them maybe? Just like Chinese having red for Chinese New Year?

Mom asked a passerby to take our photo. CHEESE!

Here's the interior deco at the Curve for the Hari Raya celebration. You'll notice a number of coconut trees and wooden houses. Most of them live in wooden houses in the countryside and plant coconut trees to represent the number of children each family has, thus the wooden houses and coconut trees.

There's also an exhibit of paintings there. I saw a few familiar scenes, mostly from my trip to Europe. Well, travelling has its benefits.

Had a surprise when we got home..

Fireworks by some of our neighbors! Guess they're too hyped up for Hari Raya. I'm not much of a fireworks person. I prefer to watch from far. :X
And goodnight!

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