Ever heard of Senjyu? Yes? No?
Even though you've never heard of Senjyu, you must've heard of the word SUSHI, right? If you answered "NO", you've got to try some!

So, here's the story. Have you ever met my cute, handsome but annoying little brother? His birthday is on the 14 this month. I posted his oh-so-cute-and-handsome photo in my previous blog post, August ;) . We decided to have his birthday dinner in advance, the reason being his birthday is on a weekday.

Here's my birthday girl. Uhm, sorry, I meant BOY. But he looks like a girl in this picture. Mwahahaha
I bought the ribbon frame for my sister but he took it for a try. Yes, I did mention my brother is cute and handsome but annoying.

Oh yes, back to Senjyu. This was my second time there. The first was last year's Christmastime, with my godparents and my mom.
Senjyu serves Japanese food. You can get a variety of Japanese food there.

We took a long time deciding what to have as there are so many to choose from! After 10 minutes of browsing the menu, we finally succeeded in ordering our food.

First of all comes two cups of green tea. The green tea tastes like.. whatever green tea usually taste like.

While waiting for our food, we toyed around with my camera which has a dual view function. And voila, selca time! xD The birthday boy! and me at the back, looking inconspicuous.

The atmosphere there? Quite relaxing. The dimmed lights have a warm and cozy feeling. Looking up from where we were seated, we could see trellises with flowers and vines. It reminds me of a garden. :D

You also get to see how the chefs make sushi rolls and stuff.

Then what the birthday-boy-to-be ordered: Udon noodles with chicken teriyaki

An udon and california roll set was what I ordered. No, I did not finish all of this alone. The set includes a bowl of udon noodles with tempura prawns, a california roll, salad, chawanmushi and miso soup.
The soup tastes a little salty though.

Chawanmushi, a type of Japanese egg custard. It is steamed and usually topped with mushrooms, chicken slices and shrimps.

My udon noodles with tempura prawns.

And the California Maki Roll, filled with crab meat, cucumber, egg, avocado and covered with fish roe.

My sister ordered a bowl of tori karaage, which translates into deep fried chicken. Of course, she couldn't be possibly having only fried chicken for dinner. We shared the chicken and she had a bowl of garlic rice to herself.
Yes, photogenic runs in the family. But I don't have serious photogenic issues. Wonder why.

My mom ordered grill-it-yourself chicken. No, it's not called grill-it-yourself chicken in the menu. Well, I have to admit we messed up a little. The chicken did not look grilled. Actually, it looks like what you get at a mixed rice stall. Hahahaha. 
Lesson learnt: use the BUTTER, not the SOY SAUCE.

And the "grilled chicken" is ready. Surprise surprise, it did not taste too bad after all.

To be frank, Senjyu is one of the best Japanese restaurants I've been to.
Why? There's a variety in what they serve, the environment is pretty great, the service is good enough and of course, the food is edible.
Ok, just joking about the food being edible. Who am I kidding? The food is way better than some other Japanese restaurants!

For more info or interested in getting a reservation made, I suggest that you visit Senjyu Malaysia's Official Site.

Bye for now. :D

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