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Have you ever joined a colour run? (or a "color" run, for those who uses American English but who cares?)

It's a fun run. If you ever get the chance to participate in one, my advice is to just go for it.

You may end up with colours on your shirt, on your hair, heck, even somewhere on your face but it's a fun experience so why not?

I joined one organised by The Color Run last Sunday. So I ended up looking like this:

I seriously love the light blue colour. Y U NO GIVE ME MORE LIGHT BLUE.

And my mom and aunt...

Well, my aunt has the tendency to gain others' attention, hence the purple wig.

The after-party of the 5km run involved people throwing coloured powder (some kind of flour and it's not toxic) at random strangers. People are fun that way. So everyone ended up with colourful shirts and skin.

There's also this 

Trampoline jumping as they throw a handful of colours at you..

and also bungee running, which was quite... funny.

There are even people to blow the powder off you with leaf blowers! Wow

If there's another colour run near the KL/PJ area in the near future, I'd definitely go again. 

The only thing about this colour run was that it was located at Padang Merbok and the phone signal there isn't very good. I tried to call and meet up with my friends who joined but I didn't manage to find them nor leave them messages. :/
Oh well.

P.S. I'd like to update more often but school work and tests are killing me. I'll try though :)

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