So we were shopping around Mid Valley and decided to watch a movie. Since we had my brother and sister with us we decided to watch a cartoon. We watched the trailer of ParaNorman a few times in the cinema and decided to watch this animated horror movie.

ParaNorman, produced by Laika and directed by Sam Fell and Chris Butler, is not too scary nor one of those horror movies where the zombies eat brains or rip flesh apart. It is rated PG13 in Malaysia. Here's a short synopsis and setting of the movie [you won't want me to spoil the movie for you, right?].

It all started in the town of Blithe Hollow, where a witch once cursed seven of the townsfolk to never rest in peace and rise as the living dead. Norman Babcock, an eleven year old kid could see and talk to ghosts and he was considered a freak because of that special ability of his. Unfortunately, he was the only one who could stop the witch's curse from being fulfilled...

Yep. Real short, as promised.

ParaNorman Cast

Ironically, Norman is a huge fan of zombies and horror movies. A zombie attack on the town did not even cross his mind before this incident.

And here's the movie trailer:

Two of the boys from ParaNorman:

The character of Norman is voiced by Kodi Smit-McPhee, a 16 year old Australian boy.

And Neil Downe by Tucker Albrizzi. He is Norman's best friend. Well, technically Norman didn't have many friends because he was considered a freak but Neil stood by him and helped him.

For me, the movie is funny, a little scary and touching towards the end. Yes, I'm getting more and more emotional nowadays. Felt a twinge of sadness when they found out why the witch was executed in the first place. OK, enough about sadness. There are also quite a few scenes which are quite hilarious.

Check out the movie for more!
-pics from Google, trailer from YouTube-

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