ROYCE': Champagne flavored Nama Chocolates


I've heard of Royce' chocolates for a long time now and finally, I've got a box of their chocolates in my refrigerator!
It is quite pricey but thankfully, I have a mother who cares for her daughter. *evil laugh* You know what I mean.

Anyway, back to the chocolates. After some pondering and recommendations from the salesgirl, we decided  to buy a box of Nama Chocolates, which is pretty much their signature chocolate. And I was craving for a little champagne that day, thus the champagne flavored chocolates.

We got the bag after paying around RM40 for them. Inside the bag are:
1. A cooling bag
2. A pack of dry ice
3. A paper box labelled "Nama Chocolates"
4. A brochure
5. A layer of cling wrap
6. A mini spoon/pick
7. A plastic box

And most importantly:
8. 20 pieces of Champagne flavored Royce' Nama Chocolates!

Be patient, alright. Here's a photo of the Champagne Nama Chocolates. But before that, let's get a little of Royce' Chocolate history.

Royce' is based in Japan and found in 1983..

OK. just kidding. *whistles innocent tune*

Here you go. Satisfied? Hahas

Anyway, the chocolates are DELICIOUS.
Cocoa powder is sprinkled over it and between the cocoa powder is the ever mighty chocolate.
You may not be able to get the champagne taste on the first bite but if you eat it slowly.. Now, that's a different story.

My suggestion? Take a plate/bowl while eating it so that the cocoa powder won't make a mess of your surroundings. Believe me, I've got them on my shirt once or twice. Be extra careful with what you wear too. You may not get it off in time for a date or something.

For more info: Royce' Chocolates Official Site
*photos above taken by my phone camera so..

So, here's all for this chocolate post. Off for some more Nama Chocolates! :D

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