Tan Kim Hock Product Centre


After a while we decided to get some cendol, Malacca style! So, we went to Tan Kim Hock Product Centre which is located in Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho. The cendol there is awesome!
and of course, lots of people queueing for it.

While my aunt queued for the cendol, we went inside the centre to browse whatever Malacca specialty that is inside.

Yes, I did mention that we're so tourist-like in this trip. Mom went shopping for some dodols and other stuff for her colleagues, especially for Malay colleagues who are celebrating Hari Raya. I think she plans to give them the dodols when we visit their houses.

Ta-Da! Durian-flavored dodols. In case you're wondering what is a dodol...
Dodol is a toffee-like, sweet food delicacy popular in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines (especially in the Ilocos Region in Luzon), the Lanao provinces of Mindanao, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Burma. -WIKIPEDIA.org

And here's one of my cousins posing for the camera with a huge lolly she found. Nope, we didn't buy that.

Here's a blurry picture of the trolley and the stuff we wanted to buy. Yep, super tourist-like. and ignore my self-obsessed sister.

Halfway through the shopping, the cendol was ready so we went out for cendol. I mean, that's the main reason we were there. There's two kinds of cendol: Durian flavored ones and the normal Malacca brown sugar ones. The picture above was the Malacca brown sugar cendol. We ordered durian ones too but when we got out they were half eaten so I didn't bother with a picture.

I got one from faithful ol' Google instead.
I prefer the durian flavored one because it's something special and I don't know why I was craving for durian that particular day.

Durian or no durian, Malacca cendol is nice and refreshing, especially after having satay.

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