August ;)


'Tis a new dawn, the beginning of a new era. 

Ok, just kidding. It's the beginning of a new month

Meh. Did this banner for fun

July's been awesome as it is my birthday month ♥ teehee. Fine, there were other events too but to me, it's my birthday month.

There are quite a few events to look forward to. For example,
14 Aug- my cute but annoying bro's birthday 

Yes, that's him!

Took this during my aunt's wedding dinner. He was absolutely handsome that particular day. Not to mention the tips he got for opening the car door for the bride.
Anyway, I've gotten him his present this year quite early. Hope that he likes it.

Birthday wishes are totally welcomed :D

18 Aug to 29 Aug- School term break! x) HURRAY!!! ♥

-another Googled image-

My mid-year break was spent on a trip to Europe and Dubai. I didn't even so much as stepped into my house for more than two weeks! Guess nothing beats lazing around in your own house, right? For just a few days, that is. Perhaps I'll just get some fresh air and watch a few movies. x)

19 Aug- Hari Raya Puasa

Ketupats, a traditional Malay food. -image from Google-

Hari Raya Aidilfitri, or Hari Raya Puasa is celebrated by Malays after a month of fasting. Dang, I doubt I could even last half the day! Salute!
I still recall getting green packets filled with money a few years ago from a Malay family. We've never met them but they were just so kind and generous. =)

31 Aug- Malaysia's National Day

The Malaysian flag, Jalur Gemilang. -image Googled-

After its independence in 1957, Malaysians celebrate this joyous occasion every 31 August. Patriots wave flags and there's usually parades at certain stadiums. Unfortunately, I've never been to any of them due to heavy traffic. Well.. there's always the faithful television. :D

Let's just hope that August won't disappoint everyone. ^^

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