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It all started when Phyn Ping and An Shi said that I looked like a multiracial person. There were some other stuff that led to this topic between some of us in class, including Helen saying that she's a mix between Korean and Indian, Jocelyn's oh-so-purple things and so on

During bookkeeping class, we were discussing about multiracial stuff. Indian-Korean, Vietnamese-Korean, Thai-Chinese, Malay-Chinese, Russian-Chinese, and it even came to hamster-human
Only Vichy looked like a pure Chinese. Hahahaha.

Le Me

Do I look multiracial? O_o  
A teeny weeny part maybe. According to my grandmother, her grandmother is a Malay. Hmm, I wonder..

So, back to the topic. There are lots of multiracial people in the world. Most of them are so dang gorgeous! *maniacal laugh*. Why not have a look at some of the more famous ones?

-the pictures below are Googled-

Let's start with the president of the United States, Mr Barrack Obama

Mr Barack Obama

His father is a Kenyan whilst his mother had Scottish, Irish, German and Swiss blood on her side.

Steve Jobs

I also found out that the late Steve Jobs is also half-Arab. Who doesn't know Steve Jobs? He was the one who came out with the iPhones, iPads, iPods and stuff.

The next multiracial celebrity came as a shock to me. :O

Bruce Lee

Surprise surprise! The late Bruce Lee is part Caucasian too. German, I think. He's one of the greatest martial art masters ever.

Bruno Mars

Singer Bruno Mars is part Filipino. My mom said that he looked like a Malay. Well, he's not.

Vin Diesel

American actor, writer, director and producer Vin Diesel is a half African-American himself

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

The famous American actor and wrestler Dwayne Johnson is half Samoan.

Ok. I'm a little lazy to describe every single picture so... Why not just look through? :D

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys - Part Jamaican, Irish and Italian

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey - Venezuelan, Irish, African-American

Selena Gomez

Currently the famous Canadian pop singer, Justin Bieber's girlfriend, Selena Gomez is a mix of English, Mexican and Italian. 

Brenda Song
Brenda Song - Thai and Hmong (an Asian ethnic group)

Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice - Puerto Rican, French, Irish, German, English

Vanessa Hudgens Wallpaper
Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is a serious hottie with her mix of Irish, American, Native American, Chinese, Filipino and Spanish.

The Best Hairstyles 2012 of Long Cuts - Taylor Swift Long Cut 2012
Taylor Swift

There's also the famous country singer, Taylor Swift. She's like, so Barbie-perfect-like. :X
She's part Welsh, English, Scottish, Italian, French, German, Irish, Dutch and Swedish. 

Jessica Alba

Another gorgeous lady, Jessica Alba. She's a mix of Mexican, French and Danish


Shakira - Colombian, Italian, Spanish, Lebanese

Yoon Mi-Rae

Yoon Mi-Rae - Korean and African-American. She's stunning too. x)

Sandrine Pinna

Sandrine Pinna - French and Chinese.
I watched one of the Taiwanese dramas that my sister likes to watch and was like, OhEhmGee! Who's this pretty actress?

Taylor Lautner

"Werewolf guy" Taylor Lautner is part German, French, Dutch and Native American. I don't really watch Twilight though. :X

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias - Filipino and Spanish. Hmm, I kinda like him. Hahas :P

Tom Price

Tom Price -  English and Chinese
There's this Taiwanese drama that I began to watch and liked called "I Love You So Much" and I saw this guy in it.  Dang! He has such a nice face. x) 

Joakim Gomez

One of Singapore Idol's contestant Joakim Gomez is a mix of Indian and Korean. 
Why did I put his picture? The girl sitting next to me, Helen, said that she's a mix of Indian and Korean. Well, we thought that it was bizarre at first but.. O_o

Dennis Kane

Saved the best for last! Dennis Kane is of Australian and Korean heritage. 

How I wish he is mine. *another maniacal laugh and continues daydreaming*

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  1. Dennis!!!why you post my boyfriend picture on your blog arh?>:(

    woah i didn't know so many of them are multiracial~you purposely go research arh?x)

  2. hahahaha. He's mine :K
    some 看得出 one.


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