Happy sweet 16th to MOI ♥


Guess what? Yes, I'm officially 16, according to the post title.

Mini quiz: When is my birthday?
hint- take a look at the right sidebar, under the "about me" section

Since my birthday was on a Monday, I got to celebrate it all over the weekend! Great, right?
To start it off, we went out after my piano class on Saturday :D

this is what I call "lots of pattern"

Seriously, I really do like playing with cameras when I'm in the mood. 


Here comes dinner, at Fish & Co. , 1 Utama. This is my first time there and since we were quite full, we ordered some dishes and shared them. Among the dishes were: Fried Calamari, New York Fish & Chips and spaghetti from the kids' menu.
Fish & Co. specialize in fish, of course. There are also some other seafood and different kinds of fish and chips. I never knew that there were so many different kinds of fish and chips. Seriously.

And like, finally! I got to watch The Amazing Spider-Man ♥

The Amazing Spider-Man

It's actually a reboot of the series. It means that there'll be a new series of Spider-Man movies, starting with this. So, guess we'll be seeing more of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. x) I don't mind though. He's not too bad-looking. Hahas

Brooklyn Bridge, USA~

Mom found out that I liked playing with puzzles so she decided to buy me a set for my birthday. WHEE~ GLOW IN THE DARK :D
Actually I kinda pestered her for a few months for a puzzle set already. At least she remembered. x)
She also said that the Europe + Dubai trip was my birthday present. If it is, it's the best one ever! ♥

And so, we went to Daorae for Korean BBQ the next day. Yes. My second birthday dinner. Awesome, right? 

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant

The food there is quite nice. You get to choose either chicken, beef, pork or lamb and barbecue them. Don't worry if you don't know how. The waiters there will help you to barbecue them. They also serve refillable side dishes for free. And since it's a Korean restaurant, the waiters are quite courteous. 
Trust me, take the barbecue, it's nice! :D

Bought some macarons [top left] on the way back. 

Nom nom nom x)

Let's see, what else? Oh yes, my actual birthday. Took chocolate mousse bought from the previous day for breakfast. Yes, one of the two from the picture above [the round one]. Took my sweet time too. :D

Off to school! Three of my classmates decided to sing a few Happy Birthday songs in the washroom. Well, I barely woke up and was speechless. At least the washroom did not smell like those in the other blocks. I remembered another bunch of friends singing a Happy Birthday song in the washroom two years back. Dang, the washroom stank! Their sacrifice is worship-able. Haha.

From Jac, Apple, An Shi and Joey

My first presents are those from Jac and Apple. Apple got me a hazelnut Secret Recipe cheesecake. Thanks! Had that for brunch and it was nice. As for Jac's present, I'm totally speechless. TROLLED. :X
An Shi got me a present too. Aww, a camera necklace. Will get something for you next year x)
And the card with a smiley-faced guy holding balloons is from my sis, Joey. ;P

From Ryan

Got this from my 7-year-old brother. I think he had it placed somewhere before, for a long time. Well, all I can say is "at least he remembered my birthday :D"
From Li Wen

This is one of the crazy presents I've received. Note the large candy-lookalike gift on the left. It turned out to be layers and layers of newspapers and papers. In the end, all I got were Vita-C candies. Dang speechless. She admitted to forgetting to buy my birthday present so well, she's forgiven. ^^

From Jocelyn

Received this from Jocelyn. The girl on top of the gift was supposed to be a cartooned-version of me. Thanks to certain people called Vichy and Helen, the hair is full of purple and blue streaks. LOL. 

From Helen and Elaine

Another cartooned-version of me by Helen. Seemed like I was having a rough day. Haha. Kinda cute. Elaine's card is full of cakes, she even counted the number of cakes on the card!

Birthday Card by Jia Wen and Xiu Yu

Received a card from my friends. Was really touched. :X

Awwwww ♥

Some of them are just plain humorous whilst others wished me Happy Birthday sincerely.
Yes, I even received blessings from our English teacher, Mr Arock. I was totally stunned when he began to sing a birthday song for me. D:

Mango Crepe Cake!  ♥   

I was getting tired of cheesecakes and stuff so I decided to get a crepe cake instead this year. Actually, my mom decided to, since she paid for the cake x)
It was a nice cake, even my granpa, who seldom eats cake, helped himself to a second slice. Delizioso!


Made this my FB profile picture. Hahahaha. Idk why O_o I just think that it's kinda cute-looking. x)
Hmmm.. I think I have a few unreceived birthday presents too. Nothing to do but wait :D

As I mentioned on FB, it's time to move on and let the past bury itself. Lots of things happened in the past 16 years, both happy and unhappy ones. I know it's hard to let go of the past but I know that you will not get a bright future if you keep holding on to it. 

I'm trying. =)  

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