Duck Tours in Malacca!


I've heard my aunt talking about "Duck Tours" in Malacca and decided to try it out. My cousins who lives in Malacca never tried it too so we went there one sunny morning.

The pricing is shown below:

For locals,
Adult: RM38
Children (aged 2-12): RM22
Students (aged 13-18): RM27
Senior Citizens (aged 55 and above): RM 27
Disabled / Under Privileged Adult (aged 13 and above): RM20
Disabled / Under Privileged Child (aged 12 and below): RM10

For foreigners,
Adult (aged 13 and above): RM47
Children (aged 2-12): RM27

Yes, it is a little too expensive, even for locals. But we decided to have a go at it anyway.

While waiting for the ride, we walked around the area.. Oh wait, I havn't mention where the tour is.
It is somewhere around Menara Taming Sari on Jalan Merdeka, Melaka. [Melaka, Malacca, it's the same. One is the local name whilst the latter is its English name]

Yes, my brother, again. With his Ben 10 sunglasses and Optimus Prime T-shirt.
And my cousin behind him is playing with my aunt's Samsung Galaxy S3. *I'm getting envious

Here's the Menara Taming Sari, or Taming Sari Tower. I'm not sure of its ticket prices because I've never been on it before. The seats rotate so that you get a 360-degree view of the historical town of Malacca. My aunt and cousins tried it once and they said its not so worth it.

There's a shed for passengers to wait for the ride so you don't have to be directly under the sun. Or you could always get a pair of sunshades and a hat to go with your sundress.

Our duck has arrived! This is an amphibious vehicle, meaning it could go both on land and in water. According to the guide [yes, there's a guide on the vehicle but I didn't listen much to what was being said as Malacca is like my second home], amphibious vehicles were used in WWII and are now used in tourism.

Also, there are life jackets on the vehicle so you don't have to be able to swim to get on the vehicle.

To be frank, the main attraction of this tour is its amphibious vehicle. The places that we drove through are not so special. There are only those half-completed buildings on the Pulau Melaka.

Seriously, there's nothing much. Well, I kinda like a mosque which is by the sea. I love the architecture so much!

It is quite modernized and different from the average mosques. I think those are mosaic windows?

As promised, the vehicle is moving towards the sea, the shallow parts of the Straits of Malacca.

You can see the sea water splish splash-ing and mini waves. After a few minutes, we headed back to land.

We saw some mangrove trees on the way. It was an eye-opener for me. I mean, I've heard of mangrove trees and its usefulness in protecting the soil from being washed out into the water and stuff but I've never actually get close to one of them.

Here's the Malacca River. There's a river cruise there. I've tried it once but it was quite late and I felt sleepy so it was quite a bore for me.

After 40 minutes, we arrived at where we started the tour and got off the vehicle.
For me, it was a waste of money but at least I could now say that I've been on an amphibious vehicle and how the trip was.

If you're interested in the tour, just go to the Malacca Duck Tours Official Site. See you guys next time!

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