Shabu One, Lot 10


Yes. Shabu One is another Japanese restaurant.

We, meaning Helen, Vichy, PhynPing and I, went to Lot 10 after school on Wednesday. We made it through the heavy rain but hey, I don't feel comfortable at all walking in soggy socks and shoes. Thankfully, Vichy's dad gave us a lift in his car. Hurray!

-picture from Google-

The picture above was taken during peak season, I guess. We reached there about 3.30pm and took our time having the steamboat buffet there. There weren't many people then. Three tables occupied in total, including us.

-picture from Google-

I've done a little Googling and found the picture above. If you were wondering what we had, we certainly did not have that much at one go.

And pardon me, I did not exactly take great pictures of the steamboat buffet as we were busy eating and chatting and basically laughing our heads off during conversations. Of course, Vichy helped with the photographing. Helen too, a little.

Here's where you pick whatever you want in your steamboat. Chicken, beef, fish, fishballs, seafood tofu, clams, oysters, prawns, etc. There's a veggie section too.

You could mix various stuff to get sauces or dips according to your own preferences. Or you could just get those ready-made ones.

There's also a dessert corner stocked with puddings and fruits. Well, by fruits, I meant watermelons. Maybe they change a different kind of fruit every day, maybe not. It was my first time there anyway. :/

There are four kinds of soup bases: Tom Yam, Original, Herbal and Extra Spicy. We took Tom Yam and Herbal.

And also, herbal eggs. Okay...

Here's your ordinary clam. And...

Here's a clam stuffed with tofu, fish, chicken and some other steamboat ingredients. Sorry about the smoke. Hahas. Well, it gave it a little blurry effect, no?

And we ate, and talked, and ate somemore. I was full to the brim but Vichy still had a rice ball and chicken wings. Dang, that girl can eat!

If I am to rate the Shabu One steamboat buffet from 1 to 10, I'd give it a 7
The service was good enough and the choices of food are not too limited. There are also free flow drinks. 
Perhaps they could get more kinds of dessert and steamboat ingredients? And the fish noodles did not get on so well with me.

As they said, there's no free lunch. I mean, we just paid around RM20 each. What could I expect?
And since I couldn't find an official site for Shabu One, here's the Shabu One FB page

Till the next time!

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