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I never knew that there's a Thai restaurant near my grandmother's house. So, when we were called to have dinner at Kings & I, we were surprised. Usually, my grandmother cooks for us when we stay in Malacca so we don't usually eat out.

It is located in Kings Hotel, Lebuh Ayer Keroh, Melaka. -pic googled-

We had a room to ourselves because there were quite a number of us. We took two tables and I sat with my siblings and cousins.

"Mieng-Kam":  Crispy coconut, shallot, dried shrimp, ginger and chilli wrapped with wild pepper leaves and served with sweet peanut sauce.

Appetizers! UNFORTUNATELY, I did not get to try this because they were from the other table so they had one each and no one wanted to give up theirs. They asked me to take a photo of this and shooed me away. :(

"Gai-Hor-Bai-Toey" is quite nice. I think we took around 3 or 4 plates of those for our table. You guys should try one sometime. These are chicken wrapped in pandan leaves which are grilled to perfection.

We also had fried eggs with prawns and some veggies.

There's also the steamed rock cod with soy sauce..

.. and two tomyam soups.

Dessert time!
"Kow-Niew-Ma-Maung": Steamed sticky rice with coconut milk and mango fruit*flower included
The glutinous rice is not too hard and the coconut milk and mangoes are also fresh so it was nice!

Therefore, my sister started to get back to her own photogenic self.. with a Thai pose.

The food was enjoyable and the neighborhood is not too crowded as it is not in the city center. The atmosphere there is also not too bad.

Rate it on a scale from 1 to 10? 8.5
There's always room for improvement. The tomyam tastes a little salty to me.
Perhaps we should revisit it sometime soon.

Anyway, the Kings & I webpage has the restaurant's menu and info. I couldn't remember all those Thai names of the food, so I referred a little. x)

Guess that's all for now! Off for some breakfast.

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