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Another sorry for neglecting my blog (again). It's just, I've been having to face trial exams for SPM and my finals for a total of... 3 weeks?
So far, the results are OK but they havn't finish distributing all the papers yet. I have a feeling that I'll probably flunk my Additional Maths due to the challenging questions (Maths havn't been friendly to me since I was introduced to Algebra).

Anyway, I've been drawn to drawing nowadays. Perhaps it's the need of a break from studying or perhaps it's just because I couldn't get my DSLR out for a walk.. or maybe it's just the boredom which struck me during classes..

And voila, here are some doodles/sketches/whatever-you'd-like-to-call-them:

Above pictures are drawn when I was 11 to 13... oh well... It's happy finding back lost memories. I have other doodles in my textbooks and notes but apparently, they are too much to handle.. so I'll just stick to these.

And these two were made when I was crazy about Maple Story, back when I was 12 (not to say I wasn't crazy about Maple after that period of time..).

Gave a friend a card with Shin Chan on it. She thought that I printed him and the dog out. Hahahahahaha. I succeeded. x)

A bored class is the time for drawing stuff. :P
(p.s. Some of the pictures are taken from my Instagram photos so the quality is a little... off. Sorry for that.)

Eh, sorry, I've also been obsessing over One Piece lately... GO STRAW HAT PIRATES!
And... I know it isn't breathtaking or anything but... I'll improve. It was my first time drawing Luffy anyway.

And the randomness.. rough sketch of the view outside my class..


And, uh... Sketched a chibi Lucy from Fairy Tail last year.

Also, Juvia from Fairy Tail. She IS recognisable, right?

Last but not least, the minion fever. Some of my friends thought I printed them out too. x)
I'll probably stick to minions the next time. Hahahahahahaha. Just kidding.
Guess I'm going to spend more time sketching and drawing and stuff. :P

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