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Just Like It, sounds kind of like my previous blog, "JuzLuvIt", which I deleted due to some issues.. Oh well, back to the point.

Being given the name "Just Like It!", what do you think this is?
Let me give you a hint: It's usually served cold.

Anyway, if you answered "ice-cream", you are correct!
But this is not your average ice-cream or gelato. It is one of the "revolutionary" ice-cream made with liquid nitrogen. 
I've been wanting to try it out since it's outlet opened in One Utama but mom wasn't so sure about it when she heard that liquid nitrogen is involved in the ice-cream making process.

And one day I finally convinced her with Groupon vouchers (who knew that they would come in handy? but hey, I'm not complaining). We went there after our movie and bought ourselves some liquid nitrogen ice-cream.

I was craving for mango then.. Guess the mango froyo I made the week before couldn't satisfy me. So, I ordered a Tropicana Mango.
Some other flavours we tried were Durian Durian and Chocolate Pistachio.

I feel that the Chocolate Pistachio was a little bland and not chocolate-y enough for my taste. The Tropicana Mango, was not too sweet and just nice. Its smooth and soft texture beats the Italian gelato (trust me, I've tried the gelato there). If you enjoy smooth and soft ice-cream, you should probably try some liquid nitrogen ice-cream.
The Durian Durian, however, was good! I am not as durian-crazy as my brother or my mom but well, I do like to have a taste once in a while. What can I say, I enjoyed scooping a few spoonfuls of the ice-cream out of my brother's cup.

Since this is my first try at liquid nitrogen ice-cream, I couldn't compare Just Like It! with its other competitor in Malaysia, which is OMG Ooh My Gas.
Just Like It! is founded in Australia and is available in a few countries such as Singapore and Indonesia and of course, Malaysia.

Mom got a few more cups for her friend whom she was going to meet after that. She told me that the Rum Mint and Matcha Cookies Japan were good too. They do offer takeaways, as long as you are not going too far off.
The liquid nitrogen is used as a coolant itself so you don't have to take a dry ice pack or anything. You could just go off with the ice-cream without any worries.

The only disappointment is, they don't have much on the menu, just ice-cream, even the test tube coffee and stuff aren't available at the moment.. That is just sad.

I would probably have another go at liquid nitrogen ice-cream after this.. and maybe the test tube coffee will be available then?

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