Crazy for MANGO.


So... One day I decided to make mango froyo. Frozen yogurts are a healthier alternative to ice-cream and they are quite easy to make, even without an ice-cream machine!
I got the recipe below from the Internet and it turned out awesome. :D

What you need is:

♥ 250ml plain yoghurt 
(I used the leftover greek yoghurt I used for the chocolate truffles I made earlier and it was not too shabby)
♥ 125ml milk
♥ 50g sugar (or to taste)
♥ 3 tbsp honey
♥ 2 ripe mangoes
♥ a pinch of salt
and of course..
♥ 2 ripe mangoes!
(after some trial and error, I decided that putting diced mangoes into the blender helps a lot so it is kinda like mango puree and it is easier to handle)

Some yoghurt..

Some fresh mangoes..

Some honey...

A little mix here and there..

After blending or mixing everything until the mixture is smooth, refrigerate it.

If you DO have an ice-cream machine, follow the instructions on the user's manual in order to freeze the chilled mixture.

If you DON'T have an ice-cream machine, you'll just have to do it the other way. It is not that hard, really. All you have to do is cover the mixture and put it in the freezer for about 45mins to 1hr. After that, whisk it and place it back in the freezer. Repeat for 3 times or until the mixture is frozen. 

Personally, I prefer using the blender (again) as it makes the job easier and your froyo won't turn into huge chunks of ice.
I accidentally left it overnight (my mistake) and it got totally frozen so HELLO BLENDER!

... And the product is a not-too-sweet and healthy mango froyo!

If you ever get frozen solid froyo, you'll probably want to put it into the blender for a little while and back into the fridge for 30-45mins.
If you want the swirly kind of froyo, you can try putting the mixture into a piping bag and into the fridge for 30-45mins and pipe it into a cup or a bowl or whatever you're filling the froyo with.

I'll probably experiment with some other flavours the next time :P
(eh, probably after SPM..)

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