Coliseum, Plaza 33.


Mom and I had a quick lunch after Putrajaya on Sunday. :x

We actually went to Jaya One at first, expecting something to eat there but we found out that most of the shops are not open in the morning.

So, we went to Plaza 33 and mom recommended that we try Coliseum there because the last time she tried Coliseum, it was only available at KL.

We went there before lunch hour and the crowd wasn't exactly there yet but when we came out about 12.30pm, we saw a row of people waiting outside the place.

Coliseum is listed as the Longest Serving Western Restaurant in the Malaysia Book of Record. It was established in 1921 and it has this nostalgic feeling to its interior decors.

Coliseum is a Western Hainanese restaurant. It serves both Western food and local food.

We started off with a glass of Virgin Colada, a mocktail with a tinge of pineapple.


Next, a plate of baked crabmeat. It's filled with crabmeat and spring onion with a dash of black pepper. I love the black pepper so much! :)
The crab is not oily whatsoever. The baked crabmeat comes with mayonnaise sauce so that it is not too dry.

Another dish we had was Sizzling Spring Chicken with Turkey Ham and black pepper sauce. I showed this photo to a friend and she told me that the turkey ham looks like a piece of bread. I have to say that I disagree with her.
The set comes with potato wedges and broccoli plus cauliflower. The chicken was soft and tender and the black pepper sauce is not too spicy either. The tomato still has a smoked smell to it. The potato wedges are quite crispy. I like it with black pepper sauce so...

Anyway, they'll provide you with a bib when you order sizzling dishes so that you won't stain your shirts or dresses (whatever garment you're wearing). I think that it is pretty considerate of them. :) bonus!

We wanted to have dessert but I was rushing for my music classes so we just have to take a rain check on it.

The food isn't too expensive. The price is about your average grill room's. We ended up paying about RM70 for our meal. Hey, I'm not complaining. It's awesome!

PG-02 Plaza 33
No 1 Jalan Semangat Section 13
46100 Petaling Jaya Selangor
Tel: +603 7932 3228
Fax: +603 7932 3229

Opening hours: 10am-3pm; 5pm-10pm

The other Coliseum outlet is located at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. Check the Coliseum Facebook page or Coliseum's website for more details!

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