Taste MIGF 2014, Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre


There's nothing more spontaneous than going to a gourmet food festival at the spur of the moment (especially after you've booked movie tickets for another place).

This last-minute decision was made after mom's friend whatsapped her about the Taste MIGF 2014 event from the Malaysian International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. It was a two-day event (27 Sept - 28 Sept). Her friend knew that I was a foodie and recommended it to her. We've never been to a gourmet festival and we were like, hey, let's go check it out, since we have time before the movie.

I was not disappointed. No one was disappointed. Period.

The place was divided into two sections:

The outer hall was for free sampling, purchase of certain food items and also cooking equipment such as waffle makers and kitchen knives.

Some of the food we've sampled / bought..

Fried frozen durian (RM5 for 2) which was CRAZY nice. I love how it is crispy on the outside but cold and fragrant inside. Some people may not like the smell of durian but to durian lovers, it's awesome. I've not had durian for quite some time as I've developed a durian-phobia for having too many durians when I was young (is it even remotely possible for a durian lover to have a phobia for this fruit?) but these fried frozen durians.. wow.

We also sampled some sausages which are 100% meat and they are chewy and juicy. Thumbs up!

Also, some French macarons (well, we bought them but I've forgotten the pricing). The French macarons are, well, macaron-ish. These macarons are not too sweet and the price was affordable (we've once spent RM24 on two macarons from Belgium and whilst it was tastier than the normal ones, it was just too pricey!)

Other food items include Belgium waffles, froyo, fresh Australian cow milk, healthy food, red velvet cake, and cupcakes.

And the inner hall.. Well, it was pretty much heaven on Earth (mainly because we had to purchase RM5 coupons named Gourmet Dollars to sample the gourmet food, or else it'd be simply heavenly).
Food coupons were sold for RM50 per booklet, comprising ten RM5 coupons.

You can find all kinds of food here! Oriental, Western, local... it's like a mini world of posh food. The participating restaurants are from various hotels and classy restaurants. Forgive me if I get the names wrong, gourmet dish names are definitely not my forte. I'll just write whatever is on the plate if you dont mind.

Food items range from 1-3 coupons (RM5-RM15)

Foie Gras (goose liver, if you are unfamiliar with that term)

Garoupa with a little chilli and beans on the left and escargot on the right. According to mom, the escargot was not that awesome as she prefers those at The Ship.

Broiled Salmon. Was OK, definitely something new. A little dry for me though.

Random coffee beans. I love the lighting, therefore it stays on the post.

I just had the nerves to buy something with "cappucino", "egg", and "truffles" in it. There really is a hard-boiled egg inside! Oh my. The creamy thing was *gulp* something new and I didn't really quite like it but it tastes OK when you have it together with the egg. Strange, huh.

Apparently, it's an ice-cream made from cheese? According to the friendly staff there, it is. *gasps* It doesn't have much of the cheese taste though. More like, milky taste.

Something mango (?) Sorry. I was too busy eating to notice the name. The arrangement doesnt seem much but it was quite nice.

Last but not least, my favourite for the evening - Valrhona Chocolate thingy with ice-cream.
Valrhona has got to be one of the top 3 of my chocolate list (1st being Godiva and 3rd being Lindt). I love their dark chocolate but I'd usually go for the 75% as I find it suitable for my taste.

Oh wait. It's the place from my birthday dinner this year!

For more upcoming events like this, try the Taste MIGF website.

Guess I'd have to improve on my lighting and stuff and take more photos in this kind of lighting. Tips, anyone?

P.S. I've wanted to post this for a few days now but I was really busy with revision and stuff since my exams are coming soon (and then I'll have to choose a university, oh well that's for later..)

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