The Cat Cafe, Victoria St.


Super overdue post (the last time I edited this was 10 Aug 2015, oops) cause art school ain't kidding. Will write up on my back-to-school life soon. This will be more of a photo-blog post.

My cousins asked me to go to a cat cafe in the Bugis area. I was like, why not give it a try? Ever since I went to the Cat Museum the previous week, I realised that not all cats are assh*les.

It's a little hard to find at first. The stairs to the cafe is located in an alley near Burger King at Bugis St.
However, an entrance fee of S$15 is charged per person (inclusive of a soft drink). You could top up to another beverage if you want to.

The good ol' A&W days..

The interior of the cafe is quite cozy. I like the seats very much as they are comfortable to sit in. They also have chairs if you prefer the more traditional table and chairs.

They even have a ledge for the cats to walk on. You can say that it's a skybridge of some sort.

Now, some photos for all the cat lovers.

Both of the pictures above are of the same cat. It was asleep and suddenly woke up and looked at the camera skeptically for some reason.
"Hooman what are you doing?"

Apparently, it was near the cats' napping time (around 7pm) so most cats are asleep. We were warned to not play with the sleeping cats. OR IS IT BECAUSE THAT GROWN CATS ARE LETHARGIC AF.

This cat looks as though it wants to murder someone and/or something.

This must be grouchy cat, cousin of grumpy cat.

And I have no idea as to why this cat kept dragging a blanket around.

Plotting for world dominance.

*acts as though nothing happened when humans pass by*

One last photo.

They do sell food but we weren't in the mood then.
Ended up with Burger King. Heh.

Would like to try other pet cafes too (IF I EVER HAVE THE TIME)

The Cat Cafe
241B Victoria Street, 

Singapore 188030
Nearest MRT: Bugis (East West Line/Green Line)

Tel No.: +65 6338 6815
Operating Hours
Mon: 3pm-10pm
Tues to Sun: 10am-10pm
Website: The Cat Cafe Singapore 
FB page: The Cat Cafe

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