Cafe hopping in Phnom Penh: Eric Kayser, Royal Palace


Wasn't sure which cafe to hit next and then I happened to come across the chain of Eric Kayser cafes in Phnom Penh. (Thanks again, Google!)

Of course, the design of the cafe was what led me to it. I really love the glass panels that made up almost half of the cafe. The glass provides visual connection between the interior of the cafe and the White Mansion Boutique Hotel next to it.

Eric Kayser is a French baker who started this chain of bakeries in Paris and slowly expanded into other countries such as Japan and Indonesia.

The place was quite empty but it slowly filled as the time passed.

I was there a little around 4pm and the weather was quite nice so I ordered a banana milkshake ($3) because I was still quite full from my brunch at Brown 57.
They also serve pastries, sandwiches, and hot food.

I certainly did not expect a mini glass of banana milkshake.. but oh well. Fancy bakeries.

Ended up in the cafe for an hour or two and did some more sketches. It was interesting as you can see the people coming and going from the boutique hotel.

Wanted to add in a photoshopped me but it's just too cheesy so here's a photo of my belongings. Staff were friendly too but I doubt that it's a good idea for me to request ootd shots there.

Eric Kayser Royal Palace
28 street 240, Phnom Penh 12207, Cambodia
Tel: +855 89926681
Operating Hours: 0600-2300 daily
Website: Maison Kayser

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