Cafe hopping in Phnom Penh: Salou Coffee


There was this one day after my National Museum visit...
I walked on the "wrong" side of Phnom Penh. Technically it's still considered the city centre but I sort of wandered off to the construction areas all because I was too tired to turn back after I realised where I was.
So I was hoping and trying to Google Map my way out of the area. After an hour under the sun and much dust in my eyes, there was this container cluster that caught my eye, near one end of the construction areas.

Decided to sit down and have a cup when I saw a cute cafe which is part of the Jet's Container Night Market (it was seriously hot out there, salute to the construction workers).

Sure, there are container cafes but this was my first time seeing a cluster of them (I missed out the one in Singapore) so I was quite taken aback. The locals there were probably wondering wtf was I doing out there alone in the hot afternoon.

Most of the shops were not opened when I arrived (it was probably 3-4pm) but some of them came to set up shop before I left around 5pm. I could only imagine the liveliness of the area at night when it's not scorching hot.

The cafe itself is a small narrow one with a staircase leading to the second floor. I was already lacking the strength to explore though. Just plopped into the first empty seat that I could find.

Cashier/barista spoke English well enough so we were able to communicate a little. Or you could just point at the menu and order your drinks as the menu is in English.

Got myself an iced chocolate ($2.35). Wanted to get an iced coffee at first but decided against it because I havn't had chocolate for a very long time. It was good though, not too sweet and the price was quite reasonable. And the cafe's logo is a tip of the hat to Charlie Chaplin.
Somehow I've gotten a 20% discount which brought the price down to $1.88 so yay for promotions!

From what I could gather, it appears that the container cluster (or at least Salou Coffee itself) just launched recently and I could see that it's doing quite OK despite it's location. Quiet place for buddies to hangout in the afternoons too.

After some rest and a good search, thanked my lucky stars that the AEON Mall in Phnom Penh is just a 10-15minutes walk away so that was my next stop.

Salou Coffee
Vithey Roth Sak Phea , Sangkat Tuonle Basak , Khan Jom Kamon, Phnom Penh
Operation hours: 0700-2230
FB Page: Salou Coffee

It is located in between Build Bright University (BBU) and AEON Mall Phnom Penh. Couldn't quite find the exact location from Google Maps (probably why I didn't know of such a place until I literally stumbled upon it). Got the screenshot below from Salou Coffee's FB Page.

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