Eating insects in Phnom Penh!


(Not for the faint-hearted. Please DO NOT continue reading if you have a thing against insect-eating or if you suffer from insectophobia!!)

Well, I guess that's enough warning.

Tell you what, I'll even include a nice cover photo so that the group mentioned above won't be randomly scrolling my blog and freak out.

Here goes.

I actually passed by a couple of handcarts selling freshly fried insects but I just brushed them off. It's not like it's my first time seeing fried insects. Until Toyo and Sive practically stopped in front of one of the carts.

Technically, this isn't my first time trying fried insects. I've had them about two years ago when an uncle of mine brought a pack of dried silkworms from Thailand. I was reluctant at first but my brother was OK with it and probably more than half of the Thai population was OK with it, so I guess why not? And it tasted like almonds, which was weird.
... and maybe a few stray ants that made it into my noodles back in the day.

People were just buying them for TV snacks I suppose?

(This was a screenshot of a Snapchat video of mine. Welp)

As freshly fried as they could be.

(Snapchat again, oops)

Not sure if it is obvious but what I was holding is a fried grasshopper. I didn't know it before but you had to twist the legs and the head off before consuming it.

I havn't had fried grasshoppers before so I was skeptical. I certainly did not expect fried grasshoppers to taste like dried seaweed! It was oddly satisfying.

So I finally got proper photos while we were on the Mekong River cruise at night. We didn't get much at the streets as 1) it was dangerous showing off a camera at the roadside; 2) my phone camera isn't up to the game.

Top is of a plastic bag of silkworms, which was totally different from my packet-silkworm experience. Freshly-fried silkworm is rich in protein and the taste isn't that bad either. Plus, it's quite juicy and addictive that I probably finished like 1/3 of the bag (getting disgusted looks from most people I've shared my experience with).

(Second pic is of fried grasshoppers and prawns)

Another one off the bucketlist (I should probably digitise my bucketlist and upload it here)!

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