Cafe hopping in Phnom Penh: Spicy Sisters


Throwback to the first meal when I arrived in Phnom Penh.
It was also my first time trying Khmer cuisine as they weren't as popular as Thai nor Viet food in Malaysia/Singapore.

Toyo and Sive decided to bring me to Spicy Sisters to try out some authentic Khmer food. They were afraid that my stomach couldn't handle too much street food as I'm not used to it.

Spicy Sisters mainly serve Thai and Khmer dishes but they do have fusion foods too.
I didn't know what to order so I left it to the guys.

Here's what we ended up with.
Dancing prawns are also one of the specialties here but scaredy cat me wasn't prepared to eat anything that is moving on my first day.

We got a green mango salad..

And a papaya salad.

I've had a few mango and papaya salads during my trips to Thailand but the ones here taste a little different. They probably added a few Khmer touches to the dishes and it is more localised.

We also had marinated grilled pork and a veggie-based tomyam.

The pork was crispy and juicy and comes with an extra hot chilli dip, cause why not?

The soup, however, I had mixed feelings about it. The tomyam had a veggie base but somehow there was this one particular type of vegetable that overpowered the others. However, once you've gotten past that taste, it was quite decent.

The framed illustrations work well with the logo and the classy atmosphere. The place was quite empty when we had our dinner at 6pm (it was a weekday).
Price wise, it is slightly more expensive than the average restaurant.

(Huge thank you to Toyo for the dinner and a couple of photos)

Managed a quick snap of the entrance before leaving. The restaurant is located next to Farfella Floral Stylist which is owned by the same owner. Spicy Sisters is located one floor up.

(Also, this is my second time writing this post because Blogger decided to freeze the page and not perform an auto-save so I was greeted with a blank page after adding in the location)

Spicy Sisters
76-78 Golden Street, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel: +855 99987888
Operating Hours: 1100-2200 daily
FB Page: SpicySisters

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