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The Art of Speed Malaysia 2013 was held at Citta Mall on 8-9 June 2013. Citta Mall is in Ara Damansara, Selangor.

I came by this event quite randomly as I'm not a totally huge fan of modified or vintage cars and bikes but I do appreciate them, a lot. I love the art of it. The colours, the finishings, the add-ons... whoa!
So, one day mom was like, "Oh, I'm going to Citta Mall for an event. I want to go there and survey for my sports expo this June". I wasn't interested at first but after some prompting she told me that it was an expo for vintage cars, and I was all-ears. I've never been to one before and was quite revved up. I then realised that I read about the event on a blog post while I was blog hopping. D:

-map from Art of Speed Malaysia-

Presented by Switchblade, the Art of Speed Malaysia featured lots of classic and custom or modified cars, motorcycles and even bicycles!

So, this may be more of a photo post. Sorry I neglected to bring my DSLR but took photos with my digital camera instead. And, we went there at evening so some of the cars and/or bikes left when we got there :/ I had classes earlier that day and couldn't make it on Saturday either.

And seriously, you wouldn't want to mess with the owner of this chopper...

The floor after a few bikers rode by.

Hot Wheels cars are also sold there. I have a few of them at home too :D

And last but not least, cars!

This car is pretty creative. Love the way the owner turned it into a cute green monster.

random Domo spotted!

There are seriously lots of Volkswagens there!

The show turned out great and my bro and I were drooling over those cars and bikes (OK. Maybe not drooling but somewhere close.) These participating cars and bikes are mostly from Malaysia. I seldom see them on the road though :X perhaps just a few times. To see all of them at one place is just.. SPLENDID!

After dinner, we came out to the parking lot (the show was finished an hour or so before) and saw..

Hmmm, not bad! :3

Who knows? Maybe I'll be a car person in the future? I may not have enough money to buy a nice one or modify one but... says who I can't admire others'?

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