Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.


Here I am, drafting this post from a 22-storey condominium in Singapore.
But the view from up here is not as breathtaking as the one from one of the tree tops at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.
I'm drafting this now partially because I have nothing much on my hands now and because most of the photos I took are in my DSLR or my compact camera and I don't have a laptop to work with at the moment.

So, one day I saw this Singaporean Instagrammer who posted a photo of Gardens by the Bay and it was marvellous! Therefore, I decided to have a look myself. My aunt brought us there and even my Singaporean cousins were excited.


Gardens by the Bay is actually a huge garden with lots and lots of plants and flowers. In the middle of it is the Supertree Grove, which is made up of a dozen or so artificial trees.

"Gardens by the Bay is an integral part of a strategy by the Singapore government to transform Singapore from a "Garden City" to a "City in a Garden". The stated aim is to raise the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city." -

"11 Supertrees are embedded with environmentally sustainable functions like photovoltaic cells to harvest solar energy." -Gardens by the Bay official site

We went up one of the trees and onto the OCBC Skyway, which is 128 meters long and connects two 25 meter supertrees. The fee to go up is 3SGD for children aged 3-12 and 5SGD for adults and senior citizens alike.  I was quite afraid of heights but I think I conquered it (well, for the time being). It was a windy day and the sky bridge wobbled a little and I was scared at first. But then, I got used to it and started snapping photos like crazy.

You get to see some exotic ferns, vines and orchids on the supertrees too.

My aunts are darn photogenic (as some of you may have recall). They struck funny poses and I disturbed their photoshooting session a little.. Hey, no harm done, right? :D Anyway, it was crazy up there. Here are a few more shots.

You can see the Singapore flyer and the Marina Bay Sands Resort from up there (wish I could stay there sometime, and ignore my expression. hahahaha).

You can also see other landmarks and greeneries from the treetops. It has a 360-degree view of Singapore.

-continues with selca- 
lil' bro is afraid of the height but... he managed too. :)

I've decided to spare you guys from the multiple selcas and decided to post just this one instead.

The largest treetop is actually a rotating restaurant which costs about.. (which I don't have the money to go in). Maybe I'll be there sometime in the future...

Took this photo of my sis but unfortunately... when I requested one for myself...


Gardens by the Bay is really a good place to relax and let everything go. Be sure to visit! There's also a place called the Flower Dome inside but we decided to skip it as it also requires a fee and we had other activities planned for the afternoon.
Anyone been there? I heard that it is also full of other exotic flowers and plants... and maybe I'll go for a night scene next time :D

(blah blah blah.. Tee from A|X; sandals from Vincci; necklace from Padini Authentics; bracelet from Jonker Street; electronic watch from Smash; bag, sunglasses and denim shorts from Thailand if you're wondering, but I doubt you are. I'm just bored.)

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