Oia - The postcard of Santorini


This is the second part of a two-part Santorinian post, separated by a food review. Here's Part 1 if you've missed it.

A lot of people have the misconception that Santorini is a small town, which is often part of travel shows and embedded in lists of beautiful places to visit around the world, me included.
It is actually a few islands with some beautiful towns. The town of Oia (or Ia, either one is acceptable, same pronunciation) best represents Santorini, or even the whole of Greece.

I mean, practically half the postcards sold in Greece are of this gorgeous little town.

Oia under the golden sun.

When we arrived at the sunset spot after dinner, there was already a huge crowd waiting there, trying to find the perfect location to snap some photos that will be uploaded to Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat or another social media within an hour's time.

We tried a few locations, to be honest.
First location: Had to climb some rocks to get up here but blocked by someone's aerial.

That brings us to the second location: few steps from first location but there were a dozens of other people together on the rocks. Nice photo spot though.

So we walked a hundred steps or more to the next spot.

Third location: On a flight of stairs with a bunch of other people.

You get to see boats sailing towards the horizon from this location, definitely a plus.

And the clouds that day.. quite similar to a cruise ship though.. with the shimmering bright lights and stuff.

Oia has one of the best sunset spots in the world, with blue domes, windmills, and the pale colours of the buildings creates a contrast against the bright golden sunset. Any decent camera could easily get a nice photo but get a DSLR and a tripod and maybe a little Photoshop and you could get an award-winning photo (that is to say that I didn't bring my tripod over to Greece. oops).

Night time at Oia isn't that bad for landscape photos either. There's almost a dozen lights for each building so you get a lighted up town with lots of tourists and food places. And shops. And food places. And food..

We enjoyed our evening at Oia sooooooo much that we took a cab back to Oia the next morning.

The picture I took above more or less represents the typical Greek/Santorini postcard. That aside, the view is truly remarkable. And pretty.

Oia minus the blue domes. Feels a little barren to be honest.

Somehow I get hyped when I see cartoon characters that I like.

Part of the main square of Oia, the rendezvous point for most tour groups.

You could take a photo at any random spot there. I seem to have run out of adjectives to replace the word "beautiful".

Items at Santorini are still cheaper than the ones sold in Mykonos. Ended up buying some typical Santorinian postcards. Heh.

Santorini is famous for their donkeys (again). However, getting close to a donkey may not be the best idea if you could not bear the stench of donkeys.

Tourists are piling in by 4pm, eager to see the breathtaking sunset at Oia at least once in their life. Heck, I'd even go for round 2 if someone cares to get me a plane ticket there. Hah.

Again, you could read about Part 1 of my Santorini trip here and my Mykonos trip here.

More posts coming up soon, as long as I'm not too busy packing nor slacking off..

Next stop, Crete! :D

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