Ballarat Wildlife Park, VIC.


We also paid a visit to Ballarat Wildlife Park on a chilly summer day (it was about 14 °C if I wasn't mistaken). I havn't seen the local animals for quite some time as the last time I was in an Australian park was what, 9 years ago? And I wasn't paying much notice then anyways. There are a few animals which are native to the region, including...

The Tasmanian Devil.
I never knew why such a cute animal would be named a devil (aside from the fact that they are carnivorous) until two of them started fighting over some unknown cause.

It was just so sudden and the screeches were so loud. Maybe they were fighting over food or a spouse, or over political views. Who knows.

Koalas and eucalyptus leaves. I remembered the last time I held a koala bear and had its sharp nails graze my skin. Not really a pleasant experience. But they are good to be seen from far.  And this scene had me go "aw.. look at them, being cute and sharing and all."

Emu, second tallest bird after the ostrich. There were only one or two emus there though.

I still can't tell the difference between alpacas and llamas. I couldn't find any signage nearby to clear that up either. :(
However, after some research, I'm going to say that these are alpacas due to their straight ears and their size. They are beautiful nonetheless. AND very shy.

Next up, the kangaroo.
Do you know that Australians ride kangaroos as a form of transport? They usually have a kangaroo pen at most schools and workplaces.

C'mon, they don't.
NO. Australians DO NOT hop around on kangaroos.

But I really love the close-ups. I would hug one if it won't kick or box me with its hind legs.

What do we have here? A baby kangaroo in a pouch. Now that's adorable.

A paint-me-like-one-of-your-French-girls red kangaroo.
Red kangaroos, keeping their cool no matter what.

And a wombat. I initially thought that they were small cute creatures when I saw a picture of the mascot of Ballarat Wildlife Park, Patrick the wombat. Apparently, they grow up to 1 meter in length. Do not ever judge wombats by their cartoon counterparts. They still are cute, as long as you don't go too near when they shake their cages violently.

What's Australia without animals that try to kill you? A few mid-sized crocs and a huge croc. It was terrifyingly large and maybe thrice my height, not that I'm very tall. But still. NOPE.

This is my first time seeing a quokka. I freaked out. THEY ARE ADORABLE!

I just couldn't help it.

And chubby cheeks. Welp. If only they weren't in a cage.
Someday I shall roam in a flowery field with quokkas all around me. Too much to ask?

There are also dingoes and wallabies and some other animals in the park.

And here's an alpaca staring suspiciously at you from behind a wooden shed.

I admit that this trip to the park was an eye-opener. Being up-close with Australian animals at Ballarat Wildlife Park was an incredible experience.

Till the next time!

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