Great Ocean Road + The Twelve Apostles, VIC.



It's been (way) long since I last updated. Was busy with assignments and everything but submission was a few days ago so here I am, updating about something that happened about two months ago.


To be honest, I wasn't psyched at first cause it was summer and I've had summers all year long but the erratic weather patterns of Australia is a force to be reckoned with. 

And really, how could I say that I've been to Melbourne without going to the Great Ocean Road?

We were staying with some distant relatives who lives at Keysborough and had to take a loooooong car trip along the Great Ocean Road (3 hours till we stopped at a picnicking spot at Torquay Beach).

I have to say that it was a typical hot Australian summer that day. I managed to get a suntan after spending an hour or two at the beach. Torquay is famous for surfing and we did manage to see some people attempting to surf but the waves weren't that strong that day.

Look at the rocks. Look how they shine for you.

-attempted to get a nice picture of my then newly-dyed blue hair under the hot sun-
oh well.

And we had seagulls that reminded me of those from Finding Nemo (hyped for Finding Dory btw).

I was surprised that you could find BBQ pits almost everywhere in Australia. It was fun and we had some mutton skewers and sausages and stuff but the most irritating part of it has got to be..
The attack of the flies.

We were shocked to see lots of small dots when we got back into the road-trip-van (this was just a small part of the van). Apparently, insects go berserk during summer. Welp.


And then we drove to the famous Twelve Apostles. As our luck may have it, there was a bush fire that day and we had to take a 2-hour detour, making our trip from Torquay a 5-hour drive.

It was a drizzling a little when we arrived at the Twelve Apostles. 

The Twelve Apostles is basically "a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park", according to Wikipedia.

There were originally 12 but some of them collapsed or were corroded. Nevertheless, the fact that these limestone were closely located is quite interesting. I mean, where else could you see so many stages of corroded limestone placed together besides your Geography textbook?

Then we could see some rays of lights coming through the clouds. It was a spectacular view.

And then it got cloudy again when we went to another part of the Twelve Apostles, Shipwreck Coast. THE VIEW WAS SPECTACULAR. It was worth the 5-hour butt pain in the van.

Cloudy and a little underexposed but breathtaking nonetheless.

Didn't I say that the view is picturesque? Sitting there makes me feel like I'm in paradise, isolated from everything. 
I could spend the whole afternoon there if I could, really. AND THE SAND IS SO SOFT AND SMOOTH THERE.

Shipwreck Coast skyrocketed to the top of my 'Beautiful Places in Melbourne' list. Okay, I just made that up but you get the point.

12 Apostles visitor page

BTW, I got an Olympus EPL-6 for this trip and the photos in this post were taken with that camera. I like the vibrant colours and it comes with a manual mode (yay). 
I wasn't really enjoying lugging around a 1-2kg DSLR continuously for a week or two. It hurts my back. :(  No worries though, will still use the DSLR for photoshoot purposes heh.

More posts to come soon!

(click on the image above for more posts on my Melbourne trip!)

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