Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes, VIC.


Of course, there's also the photogenic Brighton Beach bathing boxes in Melbourne. Was surprised that none of my relatives ever heard of it (or maybe it just wasn't their thing).

Went to Brighton Beach in the evening after a trip on the Puffing Billy.

We were greeted by tons of tourists and locals alike at the beach (yes, and flies). Owners of the bathing boxes were having a day out or enjoying the evening sun. Tourists were doing their thing, snapping away at the colourful bathing boxes.

I was really excited to see Brighton Beach as it was on top of my list of places to visit in Melbourne before the trip.
Artsy fartsy, me likey.

There's a total of 82 bathing boxes at Brighton Beach (according to the Internet, that is. I didn't really count them). They are usually passed down from their families or bought over from the original owners, just like any other property.

Such is life, braving the summer flies which (apparently) prefer to buzz around Asians, just to take fake candid photos.

The beach itself wasn't a place to walk around barefooted though. The sand is coarse and bits and pieces of litter around.
Sorry but I don't really fancy tan lines that much, so evenings are perfect for beaches. I feel that I'm tanned enough anyways.

Sadly, I was rushed back (ugh) after 40 minutes there. Not my type of holiday but it was a family trip nevertheless. Would have definitely enjoy it better if I had had more time there.

Ending the post with a typical Asian peace sign and a selfie made to look as though it was someone else who took the photo, just cause I like my lashes. Heh.
Peace out! (pun intended)

*Travelling tip: Brighton has quite a long stretch of beach so you'll most probably have to navigate your way to Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes instead.

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