Hyde & Co., North Bridge Road.


After visiting TwentyGrammes, we decided to get something savoury and we passed by Hyde & Co. while searching for the former. It was also a small lot but it was spacious enough to walk in. The name reminds me of Mr Hyde from Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Louis Stevenson though. Maybe that was somehow the origin of the name? Heh. Assumptions, assumptions.

But on second thought, that might just be the case as they have different menus for brunch and dinner. Split personality thing perhaps?

They took a minimalist approach- white walls and neutral-coloured furniture. It was quite comfortable and the white walls are Instagram-perfect.

Aaaand... we realised that we were in a tearoom. They wouldn't have a separate menu if they weren't so confident about their tea. So we decided to order some tea (we will probably regret it if we didn't order tea at a tearoom).

What did I say about the white walls being a good backdrop for photos?
P.S. Baby-breaths are just so nice.

French Earl Grey (S$9 for a pot, refillable).
I guess we havn't seen nice tea sets in a while. We were intrigued by the floral designs. However, it didn't occur to us that they were made of plastic until we tried moving them.

I could get a subtle hint of rose from the French Earl Grey and the flavour was good enough for me. Not a tea expert yet though.

I got really upset when I was served with pre-packed commercial teabags a couple of times when I ordered tea elsewhere at ridiculous prices (the type which I could get a whole box at a cheaper price from a supermarket). Not the case at Hyde & Co. though.

They also have lunch promos so we happily ordered..

Miso Salmon Rice Bowl.
It was quite nice and affordable (somewhere around S$10.90 to S$11.90). Salmon was done just well. Teriyaki sauce on the rice added to the taste and prevented the rice from being too dry. However, poached egg was a little overcooked.

Look, Isabel. You're in the background.

Aglio Olio (S$9.90).
Somehow I've started to order aglio olio at almost every cafes/restaurants that I go to, just to find one that will satisfy me and leave me at a loss of words.

When the plate arrived, I was trying to find my tongue. The portion is almost half of the usual pasta portion. It was somehow a fine dining portion.
Pasta lacked a little flavour (I could only taste the chilli). Sauteed mushrooms were delicious nevertheless.

Chilli Crab Pasta (S$12.90).
Can't said that I've tried chilli crab pasta before this. Unable to make any comparisons but the fusion of both was quite good. That said, I wouldn't mind ordering this for myself the next time I drop by.

Will definitely drop by for waffles (we just had waffles earlier and didn't want more at that time but we saw a lot of people ordering them) and the dinner menu.

Food: 8/10
Ambiance: 8.5/10
Price: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Overall: 8.1/10

(based on personal experience)

Hyde & Co.
785 North Bridge Rd,
198753 Singapore.

Tel No.: +65 6635 5785
Website: Hyde & Co.
FB Page: Hyde & Co. FB
Nearest MRT: Bugis (East West Line/Green Line)

Operating Hours:
11am - 10.30pm (Wed - Sat)
11am - 6pm (Sun - Mon)
Closed on Tuesdays

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