Siem Reap: Bakong and Preah Ko.


After my visit to Beng Mealea, my tuktuk driver suggested that we drop by Bakong and Preah Ko as they are also located away from the main site of Angkor (these two temples are part of the Roluos group tours).
It was still quite early and we already bought the tickets en route to Beng Mealea so we went straight to the site.

We dropped by Bakong temple first and it's actually a mountain temple with a pyramid structure.

It was a tiring journey to get to the top tier as the risers of the stairs (height between the steps) are quite far apart. And I have sort of short legs.
There were probably just two other groups of people around during my visit and a larger group when I was leaving.

After a tiring climb up, I tried to shelter myself from the sun on the other side of the shrine and sat around for a while. It's nice to just stand there and enjoy the moment.
Then I slowly began my descent.

I tried sitting at the edge of one of the tiers but was quickly shooed by one of the guards sitting nearby. Oops. Safety first, photos second.

We drove to Preah Ko next, which is approximately a minute's ride from Bakong.

I was fascinated by the warm colours in Preah Ko. They certainly make some nice backdrops for ootds. IF I HAD HAD A TRIPOD FOR MY CAMERA.

So I had to get another wandering tourist to help me get my act-cool-in-elephant-pants shot. Socially awkward but.. what can do?

I felt that it was not very nice of me to keep asking the same person to take photos of me so a reflection would suffice. #despotraveller
Guess it works OK.

Showcasing my $7 henna tattoo I got from the night market the day before. That awkward moment when you are so tanned that your skin colour matches the whole colour scheme.

Ended the trip around 4pm and left for my hostel. Was a tiring day so I slacked around a little before heading out again.

These two temples might not be the first choices for most tourists but if you have time to spare, why not?

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