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I'm not all about fashion but it turned out to be a shopping trip today with XiuYu. A little window shopping too. First Sungei Wang, then Pavilion, and Fahrenheit 88. We saw some people cosplaying in front of the entrance to Fahrenheit 88 so we decided to go in and have a better look.

Turned out that there's a new store there called Parkamaya.

"Parkamaya is the latest Asian Fashion Retail Concept Store with a difference; the home of the coolest and quirkiest brands from style of capitals in Asia." - Parkamaya Facebook page

OK. sorry for the little blur. :D  and here's XiuYu. 

It's located on the third floor of Fahrenheit 88, Kuala Lumpur.

Clothes, accessories, shoes.. There's even a cafe and a supersave concept store where you can get items as low as RM0.99! Too bad we were running out of time as I had to rush back because of the rules my mom laid down before she agreed to let me hang out.

Oh gosh. There were like, so many studded stuff. This is only a small part of the studded collection they have there. But it is kinda expensive. Some of them cost RM100 and above. But we saw a studded skirt which costs RM39, if my memory serves me.

I guess this is one of its mascots?

"Do you think I'm CUTE?" Uhmm. No? Why would I think that a green square is cute?

Stumbled upon this ring. Kinda funny and it's below RM20. Forgotten the exact price D:

DAMNNNNNN! I really love this top. But due to the fact that I didn't bring enough money, I decided to leave it as it is. What a bold decision.

Ended up buying a pair of earrings and a bracelet from F Block. Well, they are not too expensive and the items are quite nice, so why not? Next, time, clothes. x)

Oh yes, there'll be a grand opening tomorrow, 15 December 2012. The first 1000 items will be sold at RM1 each! Too bad I'll be going to the Big Bad Wolf sales tomorrow. :(
Well, guess it is fated then. Good luck to those who want the RM1 promo!

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