Twenty.One - Tables + Terrace


Mom bought another Groupon voucher for Twenty.One the same time she bought the vouchers for the buffet at Sheraton Imperial. (What? It's good to minimise the cost!)

Located at Bangsar Shopping Complex, Twenty.One - Tables + Terrace is the sister restaurant of Twenty.One - Kitchen + Bar. Unfortunately, I did not get to taste the alcoholic drinks there because I'm pretty much underage and my mom was opposite me throwing daggers, daring me to order a drink for myself. (yes, I'm exaggerating) Anyway, the first thing that I noticed about the place was the ambiance.

Wow. There are even fountains. LOVE IT.

And you even get serviced while using the restroom. I was pretty surprised when I couldn't find the sink after using the toilet but there was someone there to supply you with soap and a hand towel. Now THAT'S a first.

It was my grandparents' last day in KL so we brought them there for dinner. They told me afterwards that the food was quite good. I had the same thought.

First up on the table was bread and olive oil, plus some spice. Dip the chunks of bread into the olive oil then into the spice. Cinnamon? It's not in the menu and we didn't order for it so it's complimentary I guess. (and the charges are included in the receipt)

Then the wild mushroom soup. I have to say that out of the few dishes that day, this is the most unsatisfactory. The soup wasn't salty enough. It lacked taste and to avoid wastage we decided to finish it whatsoever.

Then some fried calamari and popcorn chicken. The fried calamari is average but the popcorn chicken, it's a little bit on the soft side but there's still a little crispiness to it and I find it quite nice with the sweet chili dip.

Pan fried seabass with apple salsa, boy choy and turkey ham was quite good too. The seabass is crispy enough and the sauce is compatible too.

"Penne pasta drowned in a three cheese creamy sauce, diced chicken and sundried tomatoes" is next on the table. It sounds fattening, with all the "three cheese creamy sauce" but it tastes good. It doesn't make you feel bloated but makes you want to have more.

And mushroom risotto with tempura oyster mushrooms and parmesan wafer too. (now I realised I've misread the menu the first time. I thought that the risotto came together with oysters, silly me.) Havn't had risotto for months and it doesn't make you feel bloated either.

Last but not least, dessert! I shared it a little with my bro and sis. Creme brulee has always been my favourite. :3 So I loved the passionfruit creme brulee with dark chocolate mousse & caramel. Three out of the four kinds of food in the dessert are my all-time favs. How could I not love it?! Plus, I heard some say that dark chocolate can in fact make you slimmer... (all the more reason to eat more dark chocolates)

I can't say that it's cheap because our bill totaled up to RM230+ so it's a good thing to have Groupon vouchers..

Check out their Facebook page or drop by their website to find out more or to make reservations.

Am off for another vacation so I'll blog after that. I promise. I was a little busy with the tons of schoolwork and tests last week and outings this week. So till the next time! p.s. love the new phone! all photos taken with the little birthday present I got from mom (and I had to pay half of it.. oh well, no complains)

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