Buffet lunch at Sheraton Imperial


Mom bought Groupon vouchers for buffet lunch at the Essence coffeehouse in the Sheraton Imperial hotel. Yay to me! I was pretty hyped.

It was my birthday last Tuesday and we decided to celebrate it along with my godfather's birthday this week.

The place is lavishly furnished but I'm not too satisfied with the variety of food.. mom said that it could be due to the fact that most of the diners here are buying the Groupon vouchers... hmm... or because most of them are fasting?

The original price was more or less RM88 but the vouchers entitle one to have it for about RM59.

I had just a few rounds because,
1) it's been such a long time since I last had hi-tea.
2) there are not too many choices.

On the bright side, the atmosphere was quite good. The buffet is from 12-4pm but we reached there about 1pm.
There are pasta, noodles, rice, crabmeat, chicken, and cakes, scones and icecream for dessert (which can be found pretty much in every coffeehouse which has hi-tea...)

I, uhm, skipped breakfast so... Round 1 was the main course.

Oh... all those desserts...*satisfied* :3

Mom brought some candles from home and took two mini cakes from the counter as birthday cakes. A first for me! Hahaha

They also have cheese and some really nice food. Unfortunately, I saw the cheese too late.. I was full by then..

But that didn't stop me from having some apple crumble.. which was, heavenly for me. :P

Well, it was a good experience all in all but I think I gained a few pounds after that... TT

And by the way I got a new phone for my birthday (actually I had to pay for half of it) so the photo quality from now on should be better. Still trying to fully grasp its functions. Wish me luck! (and please forgive me if I post more selcas)

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