World War Z.


Watched World War Z, ahem, the week it started screening in Malaysia, which was two Fridays back. I was a little preoccupied since then (including working part-time last weekend).

The movie is based on a novel, World War Z written by Max Brooks back in 2006. Directed by Marc Foster and starred by Brad Pitt, the alphabet "Z" in World War Z stands for.... Zombies.

It all started when Gerry Lane and his family were caught in a heavy traffic in Philadelphia. After a loud collision, all hell broke loose. People started attacking each other and the strange thing is, they tend to bite. The ones who were bitten went through a spasm and regained their consciousness after 12 seconds, barely enough for one to flee.

As a former United Nations investigator, Gerry Lane was threatened to investigate this mysterious and freaky incident. It turned out that parts of the world are infected with a virus which turns people into zombie-like creatures. These so-called zombies do not suck human brains like the ones that usually appear in movies or cartoons but instead, they infect them with the virus, turning more and more humans into the walking dead.

After being through the life-threatening situations and even a close call after returning from his investigations in Israeli, Gerry Lane came out with the idea that the virus won't affect the ill or the seriously injured and decided to try out the idea for himself. He had to go through a whole wing of the infected to get the pathogen and of course, he succeeded (being the star of the movie and all). The world managed to buy more time to defend itself and battle against the infected.
In the end, humanity is saved, or should I quote from Gerry, "This isn't the end, not even close."

Although this is a horror film, there are still some funny parts, especially with the infected. They may have lost their consciousness but you have to admit that it is a little funny when a zombie kept banging her head on the glass and showing funny faces.

This movie also showed that to what end people will do to save themselves after a breakout. There was even a gunfight after the chaos in the first scene where people started getting infected. They even threatened Karin, Gerry's wife. Every man for his own, huh?

And be warned, the infected are highly drawn to noises. They could even go over a high wall into the quarantined area by climbing up each other.

Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane, the protagonist of the movie.

Mireille Enos as Karin Lane.

Fana Mokoena as Thierry Umutoni, United Nations Deputy Secretary-General.

Daniella Kertesz as Sergen who accompanied Gerry out of Israeli.

-photos Googled-

I could do with another zombie film. Loved this. It's not too frightening though so don't be discouraged if you're a little afraid of zombies. :)

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