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I havn't heard of Saisaki until my godmother said that we will be having dinner there to celebrate her birthday... and the next day I saw an article on Saisaki on the newspaper. I've, however, heard of Shogun and then found out that the latter is created after the successful launch of Saisaki. Saisaki is located at the Wisma UOA 2 (click into the link to view the operation hours and the address).

Since it's my godmother's birthday (OK. actually a day after her birthday) we have a birthday promotion, which is a 3+1 package.. meaning that the birthday boy/girl/lady/gentleman/whatever has to be accompanied by 3 paying guests.

Although it's my first time having a Japanese buffet, I have to agree that it was quite good and affordable. Refer to the price rates here. Since it was a Monday night, each adult is about RM60. I had to say that there are a lot of choices and variety.

20130812 183418

20130812 183400

20130812 183740

20130812 183821

20130812 183818

You can get sushi, sashimi, rolls, udon, chawanmushi and even soft-shelled crabs and mussels!

20130812 193551

20130812 185204

20130812 183424

20130812 183445

You can also find stuff that you don't normally get to see in a typical Japanese restaurant, like fried salmon skin (which tastes delicious by the way), buddha jump over the wall (which I still think is a weird name.. OK, I should probably cut down these monologues) and even "lala" (clams). My mom and sis love that, even though they just had some the night before!

20130812 183456

There wasn't much to complain about but still, the chawanmushi is pretty much tasteless as opposed to the salty miso soup. I tried mixing those two together but it didn't work out well. *sigh* As to the others, I don't think I found any faults in them.

20130812 184804

Usually, I'll just take a california roll, a mango roll or a spider roll but I was a little overwhelmed by the different kinds of maki (rolls) there. Well, there's a first to everything, right?

20130812 185842

-a little of everything- I didn't mean it literally if you're wondering.

20130812 185218

20130812 183917

20130812 194949

As for dessert, there are cakes, tarts, parfaits and ice-cream to choose from. I just had the honeydew ice-cream because I was a little tight at the waist then. Buffets make me so out of control. Darnit.

20130812 195530

Check out Saisaki's website and Facebook page for more updates!


Sorry I skipped so many days since the last post. Was on a vacation in snorkeling heaven. Where is it you ask? Stay tuned to find out. mwahahaha XD

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