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After some consideration, we decided to go to Ben's at Pavilion to celebrate one of my friend's birthday. To be frank, I've never been to Ben's although I've wanted to go there since forever. We didn't expect the place to be quite full at 2-3pm but it seemed that we've forgotten about afternoon tea.

So anyway, the ambiance there is quite good but it is a little stuffy towards the back of the restaurant because it's on the top floor of the building and also, the heat spell here lasted for almost a month (which is about month without rain. trust me, it's devastating).

Although they mostly serve Western food, you can find a few local dishes as well. For me, I'd rather take the Western food. Being a student, I had a budget. Therefore, I chose to share with some friends of mine.

Ben's: To eat is to love.

We ordered a Grilled Pesto Chicken, which is awesome. It was recommended by one of my friends as she likes it very much. Now, I'm officially a fan of grilled chicken. The chicken wasn't too soft nor too hard and the avocado feta enhanced the taste of the sandwich. Thumbs up!
The sandwich comes with a salad and some chips. We requested some tartar sauce to go with the chips to give it more flavour. It is also good without the tartar sauce.

Our Mushroom Lasagne. I'm not a huge fan of lasagne to start with but one of my friend wanted to try it so it's on the table. I had a few mouthfuls and I don't know, maybe I'm just not the lasagne kind of person... it wasn't too bad after all.

Also, a Spaghettini Pomodoro, which is basically a tomato-based pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and herbs. Even though it seems common enough, the spaghettini is quite good.

This. This is a must-try. I've only had a spoonful (or forkful?) of this. Their Golden Soft-shell Crab Spaghettini is heavenly! Even though it is written "curry leaves and cili padi", it is not too spicy. The sauce is not too creamy and you won't feel bloated or nauseous even after finishing a whole plate by yourself (some creamier ones do tend to make one feel nauseous after a little while).

For dessert, Chocolate Truffle Torte. Each of the three words in the name of the cake is on my top favourite list of food. They use dark chocolate so that it's not too sweet (darn. did I mention that I LOVE dark chocolate?). What's not to love about truffle anyway? By the way, the cold glass of milk is not meant to be poured onto the cake (which was what happened shortly after the cake was set on the table.. such an unfortunate incident indeed. but the cake still tastes good despite the incident).

All in all, it is a very good place to eat and to hang out with friends but we kinda rushed because we threw my friend a surprise party after that so perhaps I'll just swing by again in the near future. ;)

Visit the Facebook page of the Ben's outlet in Pavilion.
You could download the menu from their website or check for available outlets there too.

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