Tous les Jours, Bukit Bintang.


Located in WOLO Hotel, Bukit Bintang (which is more or less opposite the H&M at Lot 10), Tous les Jours (too-leh-joo) is a French-Western bakery owned by a South Korean company. It literally means "Everyday" but well, Tous les Jours is a better name for a bakery.

I've walked past Bukit Bintang numerous times and I passed by the bakery quite a few times before I finally found the time to grab a bite there, since quite a few friends recommended it.

Both the interior and the exterior of the bakery are splendid. It is a fusion of old and new (since I still havn't got the hang of architecture I have nothing to add). It is also a good place to gather with a few friends and talk over a cup of coffee and pastries.

You can get anything from a sandwich to a madeleine, to a baguette there.

The croissant was a little too buttery but the apple pie is quite good, according to my mom.

My friend got me a strawberry milk bun once. I'm not a huge fan of strawberry but the bun is quite OK and it's not too milky.

They also sell jam there. Someday I'll get one and try it, who knows?

There are lots of desserts too. I wanted to try so many but I could only choose one as I couldn't get anyone to share it with me.
(OK. some photos are from my phone camera so the lighting is not too good)

I've been to Tous les Jours twice so far, the first time with my mom and the other time by myself (which is kinda pathetic but... oh well, sometimes it's good to be alone).

Caramel Macchiato - my all-time favourite.

Their Blueberry Yoghurt Cake. I had it with a cup of latte, which is quite good.

I love blueberries. I love yoghurt. I love cake. Also, check out the purple macaroon! Some people don't really like macaroons but I love them as long as they are not too sweet.
The layers of cake and yoghurt is just so delicious. It's soft and has a tinge of sweetness in it.

They also serve all-day breakfast at Tous les Jours.

Their Cheese Mushroom Omelette is awesome. It is filled with mushrooms, beef bacon, onions, spinach and of course, mozzarella cheese! I substituted it with turkey ham though. I just love the taste of cheese. Oh, the stringy cheese. The dish is just so good, not to mention the tomato is also goes well with the omelette. It's like a combination of my favourite food.
However, it's quite a large portion for me so I ended up being bloated.

The WOLO Egg Benedict. It's my first ever egg benedict so I think that it is pretty good. I've always wanted to try egg benedicts but ugh, there's no one to drive me around for breakfast.

(darn. it's so mouthwatering that I'm feeling the hunger just by looking at these food photos now)

I saved the best for last - Grilled Mushroom Tartine. King oyster mushrooms, button mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms, all on a plate. Best of all, it's grilled and I love the fragrance of the mushrooms. The truffle sauce on the bread? Delicious!
I recommend that you try this if you don't know what to have for your meal there.

Tous les Jours is a wonderful place to hang out. However, the service is quite slow if there's a crowd. The first visit was on a Sunday morning and the place was crowded. It took about half an hour for the food to arrive. The second visit was much better as it was on a weekday afternoon.

I've seen quite a few bad reviews about the place but it's probably because of the timing because there's really a huge difference between the busier hours and the more relaxing hours.

The prices of the meals are not too cheap but it's quite common for a higher-end cafe. The egg benedict was RM9.90++, the omelette RM16.90++ and the tartine RM21++.

Well, I'm saving up nowadays so I'll probably stay away from cafes for the time being... :x but who knows? Perhaps I couldn't resist.

126A-C, Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur 
(it's quite obvious, being across the road from H&M and stuff)
Opening Hours : 8AM – 11PM

Tours les Jours Malaysia webpage
Tours les Jours Malaysia Facebook page

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