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Guess whose birthday was it last Wednesday? If you said yourself, well, happy belated birthday to you. 
Well, I had a pre-birthday celebration with my mom and siblings and my godparents since it was a public holiday on Tuesday.

Mom booked a table for us at Signature by The Hill, which she had had once or twice. Fancy.

Even the sign is elegant.

Located on the Sky Floor of the One Avenue Hotel next to One Utama, patrons could enjoy their meal from 29 floors up. Dining on ground level is too mainstream huh.

The place is just so classy and lovely. It had been such a long time since I had dinner at a posh place so high up. The last time was... uh, on top of Taipei 101 four years back (such a wonderful experience).

Soft Shell Crab Salad (RM 22).
Well... more soft shell crab? .-. I accidentally took a little too much and that left others with just a little soft shell crab and lots of greens.

Scallop Black Aglio Maki (RM 45).
Basically squid ink pasta with scallop and Tobiko caviar. The thing is, squid ink pasta is one of my favourite dishes and I've developed a liking for aglio olio nowadays. What can I say? I love this dish. The grilled scallops and caviar were fresh and the spaghetti was such a delish!
However, the olive oil could be cut down just a little. I know that olive oil is good for health but the oily feeling doesn't go well with me.

Duck Breast with Spicy Apple Sauce (RM 45). 
The duck was undercooked for me. I don't really like that half-done taste, especially duck. The mashed potato and apple sauce were wasted as the duck didn't really hit home. We did manage to finish it though.

Lamb Shank (RM46).
The lamb was awesome and it did not have any weird odor whilst some other places serve lamb with an odor. Even my mom who is not a fan of mutton said that it was good. The gravy and mashed potato goes well and the presentation is simple but nice.

Alla Carbonara (RM 26). 
We substituted the beef bacon with chicken. Spaghetti , garlic, creme, and mushrooms made up this dish. The sauce was not too creamy or else it'd be unbearable (I couldn't stand thick creamy sauce that makes you want to stop eating). Fresh mushrooms are also a plus.

The Signature Grilled Salmon Pasta (RM 45). 
Initially, we didn't go through the description that carefully and we thought that it was tomato based. Turned out that it was indeed tomato based but it has a mild spiciness to it. Grilled salmon was perfect and the spicy tomato sauce is something that I would have again.

Earl Grey Lavender Tea (RM10)
As ladylike as I could get. I had a cold then and was quite terrible-looking so I ordered a cup of tea to soothe myself. Sigh.

The Latte (RM10).

Here's the Trio Brulee (RM19)
A few friends asked me where the brulees were from after I posted them on Instagram that night.
No. The green one is not green tea nor matcha, but something ginger-ish. We assumed that it was ginger-flavoured. Is there such a thing? 
The coffee brulee is topped with coffee beans. The amount of coffee is just right. Awesome!
And of course, the classic creme brulee. :3

Magnifique view, right?

(here comes the unexpected bokeh spam)

OK. Actually just posting 2 of the bokeh photos.

Random blurry effect. Looks like little flames. Whoa.

Played a while with light trails, again, without a tripod. Tripods are just so inconvenient .-.
Seriously I love this photo.

Food: 9/10
Ambiance: 9/10
Price: 7.5/10
Service: 7.5
Overall: 8.3/10
(for reference only)

Signature by The Hill
Sky level, 
1 First Avenue, Bandar Utama 
47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Lunch: 11:30AM – 2:30PM (Monday – Friday)
Dinner: 5:00PM – 2:00AM  (Monday – Sunday)
Reservations : +6016-2291 505  (make a reservation!)
FB: Signature The Roof

Anyway, if you havn't notice the watermarks on the photos... It was kind of a spur of the moment thing and I do not know how long would it last as I'm not a very hardworking person. Working on a logo too but there's still quite a lot to do, with school and piano exams and did I mention that I got an online accessories shop set up with a friend of mine? Till the next time then!

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