Common etiquette - queuing.


Warning: This will be a post with rantings. If you're not up for some complaining, kindly scroll by :)

So, my friends and I were taking the monorail at Jalan Imbi after our karaoke session a month or two back. It was about 7pm (which is one of the busiest times on weekdays) and we knew that it would take a while to get to KL Sentral. I expected a lot of queuing and people and therefore, I hate monorails but I did not have a better alternative because I live quite far away.

What I want to say is, I don't mind the queuing too much. The thing that annoys and frustrates me is that Malaysians don't seem to understand the act of queuing. I mean, shoving and pushing has become a norm when getting on the monorail.

I bet many Malaysians who has taken public transport (especially monorails) encountered this unethical situation. If you have not: Imagine that you are on one of the monorail platforms filled with people and every time a carriage appears on the platform, a block of people behind you starts pushing you towards the carriage already full of people. If (unfortunately) your stop is at one of those platforms mentioned above, you'll also be agonised as you'll have a hard time squeezing yourself out. When people are busy shoving their way in, they don't care about the people coming out of the carriage. I've also encountered a few people who'd gotten so displeased by the situation that they'd just snap angrily at the people desperately trying to push their way in.

Sure, there are good officers to help out during the peak hours but not every one obeyed their instructions nor felt thankful for their help. In my case, I'm grateful because without them, it'd be more chaotic and of course, I've been saved from the constant pushing of the crowd of people behind me more than once.

It's so frustrating that Malaysians will just barge in from nowhere just to get in front of you. I had even encountered someone who was way behind me but selfishly pushed his way to the front, claiming rudely that he had "waited for an hour" when the officers questioned him. Obviously, that was an outright lie as I had waited for just 45 minutes. (Well, there was a little maintenence that day) I heard him later on the same carriage talking to his friend using foul language and complaining about the officer questioning him as though he was a gangster of some sort. Trying to be cool, I guess. It didn't work.

Even though you have waited for an hour, you have no right to cut the queue! The people in front of you may have waited twice as long as you! That attitude is just so wrong! You should not cut queues no matter the line is long or short.

And this morning, a lady holding her child rudely cut in front of us just when the monorail arrived at the platform. I mean, I dont mind as there was still space in the carriage but COME ON, AT LEAST SET A GOOD EXAMPLE FOR YOUR KID. It's not even peak hour. Tsk.

Honestly, I'm just so tired of Malaysians not knowing how to queue. I know that monorail carriages are short compared to LRT carriages or KTM carriages but without the constant shoving and displeasure, it will be a more comfortable experience for locals and tourists alike.


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