HELLO Switzerland :D


At a stop before the borderline between Italy and Switzerland..

Ignore the retarded-ness, thank you :D

There's this nice lake where my mom insisted that I should take a picture here. And she started taking photos of me, like a few shots at a time ._. and it's pretty annoying, therefore the retarded face of mine

This picture below is a personal favourite of mine x) mwahahaha.

the lake :D

Don't you just love the blue-ness [well, I dont think there's such a word but..] of the lake? Anyway, I decided that Italian countryside is not so bad after all. At least there arent a lot of cathedrals :/

Countryside Italy

Anyway, the journey to Switzerland was full of greens, blues and whites. Hmm, maybe a few weeks here will be quite relaxing. Unfortunately, I dont have the money. *sad face*

The next day, we went to the Glacier 3000. Why 3000? Easy. It's almost 3000meters above ground. 
The weather was quite lovely that day. By lovely, I meant no rain. Unfortunately, no rain meant no snowing either. Oh well, at least there's still the snow on the ground. =)

Chair lifts

A chair lift is like a cable car. The only difference being you get to dangle your legs and only a maximum of 2 people in a chair lift. It's not that high from the ground and it is quite safe. It is not available when it's raining though.

Here are some suggestions on what to do up on the Glacier 3000:

1. Slide down the snowy slope

2. Tread around in the snow

3. Hit someone with a snowball and start a snowball fight

4. Pet a husky dog and pray that it isn't vicious

5. Go on a husky ride

6. Eat some snow

7. Make a mini snowman with sunglasses and a Prada bag
8. Make a retarded face and lie on the snow
9. Try to make a snow angel
10. Get your photo taken while someone else throws snow at you

11. Crawl up the slopes
12. Get yourselves some hot soup

Well, there's about it. There's also a souvenir shop and a restaurant there. The food was OK and there's free Wi-Fi there :D

Took a train to Kleine Scheidegg. It is halfway to Jungfrau, the top of Europe. We didn't go up to Jungfrau though. The reasons being: a) We don't ski, b) It's freezing cold up there, c) It wasn't on the itinerary. hahas.

Train from Grindelwald to Kleine Scheidegg
There's nothing much near the train station. There's a restaurant and some souvenir shops and a countdown clock to the 100 year celebration of Jungfraubahn, which is the railway connecting Kleine Scheidegg and Jungfrau.

The countdown clock

You can also go up the trail to take some pictures. Too bad I was a little out of breath and lazy so I decided not to go up the trail. So, I wandered off to do some free and easy time of my own. One thing to be sure of is the stuff in Switzerland are quite expensive. Their living cost is quite high compared to Malaysia and even Italy and France.

A man and his St. Bernard doggie

It was also the first time I saw a St. Bernard with my own eyes. But of course, I saw them in Tom & Jerry cartoons before. x) 

Tom and a St. Bernard dog, picture from Google

Yes. I do watch Tom & Jerry. I mean, who doesn't? 

The lunch at Kleine Scheidegg was OK although some complained that they were too full because lunch was served around 11am and the breakfast was like, 7-8am? I gobbled down the whole thing though. x)

German sausage and fries? Uhm, forgotten what the fries-lookalikes are called

That sums it up for this post. Hmm, how about some Switzerland cities next?

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