Switzerland: Bern, Interlaken and Lucerne


The first thing I'd notice about Bern is.. the shops close around 5.30pm. DARNIT. Rushed to window shop as we reached there around 4pm. The second thing?

Bern, in front of the clock tower

There are lots of cables to power the trams.

Then, there's also Swiss chocolates at a shop called Laderach. Its chocolates are quite nice. Some of them even handmade ones! Trust me, chocolates are YUMMY [as if you don't know already]

Handmade chocolates

We ended up buying some handmade chocolates and I bought this ladybug chocolate because it's kinda cute. x)

Da Ladybug
Notice me having McFlurry without even bothering to look at the camera

Oh, one more thing: You have to have an access code to the McDonald's washroom. There are two ways to obtain the code: 1) buy something from McDonald's. 2) ask from people who bought things from McDonald's.

Zytglogge clock tower

Notice the lower circle? It's an astronomical clock. How do you read it? Well, I'm not exactly sure. If you're interested, try Googling :D I'm sure that there's some answer there.

The astronomical clock

This is said to be one of the oldest working astronomical clock. Another one is in Prague but of course, we didn't go to Prague. Like every other clock towers, there's a performance every hour. It's quite a short one though.

The tour manager giving us a briefing on the history of Bern
The city of Bern, is associated with bears. Of course, the word itself means "bear". It is also the capital of Switzerland. To not visit a country's capital is not acceptable x)

Switzerland's parliament
According to the tour manager, it turned out that quite a number of Switzerland citizens don't really like the parliament building. Anyway, next stop.

-picture from Google-

This, is Einstein, a genius..

Einstein's place when he discovered relativity theory.

..and this is where he lived when he discovered relativity theory. Unfortunately, I suck at physics. So, guess I couldn't explain much. Again, Googling is an option. This place is now a museum who are fans of Einstein.

Bears in Bern

There are also some enclosed bears nearby. There are four of them, if I'm not mistaken. 

View from my house in Bern [yeah, right]
Did I mention that I bought myself a house in Bern? No?
Well, I didn't. But the view from here is dang niceeeeeee. ♥

This is also a dang nice place. You can see the Alps from here. 


Too bad we didn't get to see the two lakes because it was raining when we drove past it :(  
Of course there are two lakes. Interlaken means "between two lakes" or something of that sort.

And here comes our first drops of rain in Europe. Well, at least it doesn't last too long. Like it matters. I don't shop a lot and was spending most of the time drinking coffee.

Anyway, heard of Swiss cheese fondue? ♥  I felt that it is quite nice.

First, pick a chunk of bread

Then, dip it into the melted cheese

There you go. As easy as CHEESE x)

Oh yes. What to buy in Switzerland?

Swiss watches like Rolex, Patek Philippe

Cowbells, picture from Google

Swiss Chocolates [me likey Lindt]
Swiss Army Knives

Actually, you can also buy some other stuff like cuckoo clocks and other Swiss made products. The point is, there is no actual guide on what to buy. You should just buy it when you really like/want something.


The Lion Monument
"the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world" - Mark Twain.
The lion's agony is just too realistic and saddening.
The story behind the lion monument is also quite a sad one. It is to remind people of the brave Swiss guards who were massacred during the French Revolution.

The Chapel Bridge

The Chapel Bridge also happens to be Europe's oldest wooden covered bridge. Anyway, if you're going to visit it, my advice is: bring some bread.
Swan Lake. Nah, just kidding.

Why? Swan-feeding time :D There's also some steps for you to get up close and personal with a swan. It may bite off your hand, or just the chunk of bread you're feeding it. Depending on your luck. Ok, really, just kidding. It wont bite OFF your hand, not literally.


Oh yes, the Bucherer shops in Switzerlands give out Rolex spoons. Well, they are just ordinary spoons with the Rolex logo and the city's name. It is NOT coated in gold, mind you.


There's also this Swarovski dragon that costs quite a fortune. D:  VERY. EXPENSIVE.

time for a teeny weeny bit of narcissistic-ness 


Well, to be honest, I took this on the chair lift at Glacier 3000. For the record, I don't really like turtlenecks. They kinda suffocate me :X

Well, guess that's all for now. =) 
Hope to revisit Switzerland sometime, provided that I have the money ._. Anyone sponsoring?

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