Ciao Roma! :D


Well, I've never thought that I would've made it but in Italy I was! Well, I'm back home right now but of course, there are those memories that will accompany me for life. :-)

posing for the camera on the request of my aunt ._.

Here we were, at Changi Airport, Singapore, waiting for the flight that would take us to Rome, Italy [well, more of a transit at Dubai Airport actually]. Anyway, after checking in, we did the thing we did best, we SHOP. Window shopping, to be exact.

Lots of Rolex-sponsored clocks there

After 10hours of flight time, we reached Dubai Airport and window shopped AGAIN. Well, you can't blame us, there's nothing much to do in the 3-hour-waiting time. Anyway, Dubai Airport has over 1km long of shops/stores to browse around. It's the largest airport in the world and not to mentioned the number of Rolex-sponsored clocks hanging around.

Emirates Airbus A380,  picture from Google

Took a A380 to Rome :D This is a double decked plane and it's my first time on one. There isnt much difference if you are on the economy class [which was why I was just fascinated by the plane size]. After another 5 hours or so, we were in the arrival halls in an airport somewhere in Rome x)

The Colosseum.

Our first stop was the famous Colosseum. Part of the Colosseum was destroyed during the wars but most of it is still there. We had a VIP ticket and voila! We were inside the Colosseum within minutes :D

inside the Colosseum

If you were expecting to see a gladiator fight, sorry, there arent any gladiator fights here anymore. You can see how grand it was at that time though.

What it may have looked like when the Colosseum was still in use

OK. next stop? St. Peter's Basilica.

St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter's Basilica is located in Vatican City. Well, some said that Vatican is a state whilst others said that it is a country. Me? I'm not really sure though.
Back to the point, this is said to be the largest church in the world. The interior is quite huge and full of sculptures and stuff.

the interior of St Peter's

Trevi Fountain
 Trevi Fountain next! This is the largest Baroque fountain and one of  the most famous fountains in the world. [well, there are lots of "world's  most" in this trip] According to the tour guide, the fountain was built to  cover up aqueduct. Well, I wasnt listening much as I was taking  pictures and admiring the different stalls and shops around the fountain.  (oops) 

 It is said that when you throw one coin into Trevi Fountain, you will  come back to Rome. Two coins and you 'll be with someone you  love forever. Three? You'll get divorced. Of course, there's always  a secret wish you want to make. To do that, throw four coins into  the fountain. Oh yeah, keep in mind that you'll have to throw the  number of the coins at the same time or you'll get the wrong blessing.  You wouldn't want to wish for a lovely love life and get divorced right?

Guess that's all for Rome. We did see some other places from the bus but it was quite rushing so..
arrivederci Roma! :D

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