Big Hug Burger, SS15 Subang Square.


So my mom introduced us to this burger place at Subang Square, somewhere near Taylor's and INTI. Or, if you would prefer, a little distance from Empire Gallery and Subang Parade.

Note: The photos in this post are not taken on the same dates.

One thing about Big Hug Burger is, they close on Sundays. Technically, my first visit to the shop was on a Sunday and we found this sign on the door instead:

So, no burgers.

But I've got the interior of the place though.
Note: This photo was taken October 2013 and I finally dug it out of my archives for the post.

Then and now.

"Eat. Laugh. Love."
Yep, that's my mantra.

The place has a cozy feeling to it. It is not small and cramped like Dreamz Bakery which I visited the day before.

The feeling I had went I walked through the door was: WOW. This is such an awesome place to hang out.

Apparently, these snacks are free for grabs. And they are also generous with the bottomless soft drinks and lemonade.

There are also a few life-sized teddy bears to cuddle or to watch over you while you eat (ok, sorry. kinda creepy). Trust me, they are just adorable.

The lady boss was not in the second time I visited the place but she was there on my first visit. She's a VERY friendly and kind lady. Well, it doesn't seem that I'm the only person complimenting her good service. She talked to us about her daughter and her concept of the restaurant and also, we got to know that she's an artsy person. The hand drawn signs are just adorable! Photos were taken too.

The guy in charge on my second visit, he's also quite friendly and welcoming but perhaps not as chatty as the lady. Well, it just gives you that "welcome home" vibe.

Fancy some selfie time? They have lots of props like glasses frames, glasses and hats.

#forevershamelessselfies  #foreveractingweird   #okaythisisweird  #whatswithallthehashtags

I'll be updating food from the more recent visit. Also, I've kinda forgotten the names of the meals from last October.

Cheesy Wedges (RM 7)
The only word to describe this is: heavenly. I love the generous serving of cheese sauce and I love how the potato wedges are perfectly crispy.

As for the burgers, you get to choose your own bun:

Grilled Chicken Burger (RM 12)
I don't really like the grilled chicken's taste but my mom and my sister love it. Perhaps it differs from person to person?

Mario Chicken Burger Set (RM 21), comes with refillable drink and a choice of sausage or fries.
No. Not the Mario from Super Mario Bros. This mario burger is filled with grilled chicken and shitake mushrooms and in my opinion, quite good.

The sausage and the fries? Perfect.

Unagi Burger (and I can't seem to remember the price this time).
I'm a huge fan of unagi and salmon and I couldn't decide which is better but I opted for the unagi because well, unagi is one of those rare ingredients in a burger.. There were fried onion rings to go with the unagi too. Awesome!

Please add this to the list of forgotten names. Grilled Turkey if I'm not mistaken? .-.
(This is precisely why I should blog about places not too long after my visits. Or... snap photos of receipts the next time. Oops.)

[updated 5 June 2014]

Anshi, Jocelyn, Phyn and I had a spontaneous visit to Big Hug Burger early this week as we were near the area.

Cheesy Cheese Burger Set, with Sausage (RM 26)
Crispy chicken, egg, and cheese, what's not to love? The chicken is just heavenly and oh-so-crispy. I shared this with Anshi, and she had the same comment too. We had, uhm, some difficulties cutting the burger into two equal pieces though... so it was quite messy.
Change of topic, the sausage is also one of my favourites around here.
On the sideline, LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THE BURGER OMG. This is recommended for two, same for the burger below:

And, the signature Big Hug Burger Set, with Fries and an Egg (RM 23).
It's quite similar to the Cheesy Chicken. The only difference is that it has onion rings, pineapple slices and the special sauce. I didn't manage to give it a try as I was quite full that noon, with dumplings for brunch and stuff. (More excuses to get back for another visit)

Big Hug Burger also serve pastas quite recently but I havn't had a chance with the pastas yet. Mark my words, I will be back.

Stay updated as they often hold contests and activities on their Facebook page.

Food: 7.5/10
Ambiance: 9/10
Price: 7.5/10
Service: 9.5/10
Overall: 8.4/10

(for reference only)

Big Hug Burger
CT-G-03, Subang Square Corporate Tower, 
Jalan SS15/4G, Subang Jaya,
47500 Malaysia
Operating Hours: 12:30pm - 10:30pm (Not open on Sundays. Break hours from 4-6pm)
Tel.: 03-5613 4788

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