Black Kettle; Beach St, Penang.


Guess who's back in Malaysia for the semester break?

Well, I had to drop by Penang for some family matters before I head back home and I found myself near a cafe. Couldn't resist the coffee as I didn't have much coffee in Singapore (ugh, the conversion and prices, plus pricey art supplies).

They have a bakery section where they sell freshly baked buns and cakes.

Didn't try out their cakes though. We just went there for a quick cup of coffee :(

I like the ambiance though. They allow natural light to fall in from the windows and there's this part of the cafe that made it seem like we were sitting outdoors (our fav part of the cafe!).

My sister ordered the Matcha Latte (RM11). It has a good balance of matcha and milk, neither one of them overpowering the other.

However, she finished it within the first 10 minutes. Bummer.

Caffe Mocha (RM11). I don't drink mocha often but idk, I just felt like it that day. 
And like the genius I am, I forgot to stir it before drinking. Therefore, the chocolate ended at the bottom of the cup. 
but still.. thumbs up!
They use Dimattina beans, if you have a preference. :)

Did a quick sketch that went horribly wrong in the middle of the session.. oh well.

Dropped by a second time with Jean. Had a tea session with their bread basket and some Chamomile Tea (RM11 for a pot).
Will probably drop by again some other time :D 

Food: 8.5/10 (havn't tried actual savoury food yet though)
Ambiance: 8.5/10
Price: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Overall: 8.1/10

(based on personal experience)

Black Kettle
105, Beach St, 

10200 George Town, 
Penang, Malaysia
Tel No.: +60 4-251 9270
Website: Black Kettle MY

More posts coming up soon. Been super-duper busy with school assignments and stuff for the past few weeks and then family issues and stuff. Time to chill and write up some posts and continue on with my drawings! :3

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