Nunsongyee Korean Dessert Cafe, Bugis. (open 24/7)


Another spontaneous trip after class to Nunsongyee at Bugis. We returned a few times after our first try some months back.
Nunsongyee is literally just opposite ToastBox and Starbucks, which are both located at the fountain area of Bugis Junction.

It is a 3-level shop lot but we usually just take the 2nd floor as it is self-service based. Bringing a tray up the third floor is kind of strenuous. 

And lots of 'what if's. Havn't had a spill before but who knows. Climbing up flights of stairs with two bowls of bingsu is not easy. You'd have to be very careful, or else.

Unfortunately, my phone camera doesn't work that well under certain lighting conditions so some of the photos might turn out not-so-satisfactory. Oh well.
You could actually go into the glass room to chill as there's man-made snow inside (just a little though).

You'll be given a buzzer after ordering and paying at the cashier. Just wait for it to, well, buzz.

Our first try was the Black Sesame Bingsu (S$18.90).
Red beans and a few pieces of rice cake, covered with black sesame.
Red beans weren't too sweet, black sesame smells and tastes good.

Note: As with every other type of powdered/flaky food, make sure you clean your teeth after eating or else people might be staring at you (or your teeth). It's difficult for them to look at somewhere else.

The monstrous Snow White Bingsu (S$ 18.90).
Cheese, white chocolate rolls, ice-cream, and more cheese!
Definitely my favourite bingsu so far. Tried this out of curiosity but it turned out great. The combination was just.. sensational. Or maybe heavenly is the correct term.

Would love it even more if they have added more cheese. Sorry but us humans are greedy.

Another photo with flash on. More cheese shreds.

Cheesecake Bingsu (S$ 14.90) was recommended so we decided to try it too.
Biscuit bits, cheesecake chunks, and a vanilla ice-cream (plus a single berry) to top it off.
We were a little disappointed with this as the cheesecake was just OK and we were hoping to get a crumb base. Nevertheless, we enjoyed it anyway.

The bingsu at NunSongYee is soft and melts in your mouth. The milk used is of subtle taste and prevents the bingsu from getting too dry.
Definitely the best bingsu place in the area and one of the best I've tried.

I still find it hard to not spill milk/toppings while eating though.

As I was saying, it was hard to balance food on the tray while walking up the stairs (and single-handedly stabilise it while using the other hand to take a photo this as the lighting was good at the stairs).

Featuring the Garlic Cheese Toast (S$ 9.90). They were quite generous with the cheese. Tastes good too.

Note: I would recommend sharing as I usually couldn't finish a bowl by my own and two people might not finish a bowl either as the nauseousness will kick in sooner or later. 

Will update if we ever try other bingsu flavours!

Nunsongyee also has outlets at Tanjong Katong and Burghley/Lorong Chuan.

Food: 8.5/10
Ambiance: 8.5/10
Price: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Overall: 8.3/10

(based on personal experience)

Nunsongyee (Bugis)
534 North Bridge Road
Singapore 188749
Nearest MRT: Bugis (East West Line/Green Line)

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