Buck Tile St. Cafe, Faber Drive.


Yay another blog post when I'm supposed to continue with my design project for school.

Today (yes, today, as in this afternoon), Anshi and I decided to challenge ourselves and find Buck Tile St. Cafe which is located somewhere in a residential area without much access to public transport (something you'd call ulu, a.k.a. I'm not even sure I'm walking in the correct way as there aren't many people around to ask for directions either).

Luckily, we are both staying in the west area (what can do, far from everything but still got nice food one). Tbh, it was only a few bus stops away from my place. It's just that I don't often get people to accompany me for cafe food. Sharing is better than having it alone.

It wasn't too hard to find though. Information on getting there is at the end of this post. Scroll through if you're only interested in that part. Heh.

Did I mention that I have a thing for wooden structures? #JustArchitecturalThings

We were excited over the daily deal section at Bucktile St. Cafe as today is Friday... 10% off everything!


Cute deco. Heh.

Their menu is quirky and fun. Descriptions and notes are awesome. Definitely one of the best menus I've seen so far!
And the nostalgic lined books commonly used in primary/secondary school. Dem times, not a single worry about deadlines and assignments.

They have a few family-friendly games at the cafe. We had a quick game of UNO, Monster High edition. Needless to say, I've forgotten the rules to the game. Oops.
Anshi looks decent in the background so this photo is up here for her. HAHAH.

Stole this oh-so-candid-got-laugh-somemore photo from Anshi's Snapchat. (Cross my heart, truly candid.)
Comment below for her Snapchat acc! jk, but if you REALLY want it though..

Decided to go with the hot White Cherry (S$ 5.90) poison.
With cherry, at least your death is a sweet one. On the side note, I was impressed with the tea set and the fragrant tea itself. Fancy looking but serving its purpose at the same time. The candle did not go out even though we were there for about 2 hours.

Didn't notice that my phone was there in the background until I was going through the photos. Ohwell. Deal with it.

Buck Tile's Oreomisu In a Pot (S$ 5.90)
Long name, calling it Oreomisu for short. As the name suggests, it is Oreo-tiramisu in a flower pot. The shovel-spoon was a nice touch to the presentation.
Feels like we were shoving soil into our mouths as the colour and texture of Oreo biscuit crumbs are relatable to soil and dirt.
The first few mouths were OK but towards the end/bottom it was a little too moist and mushy for my taste. It wasn't bad but it wasn't on the top of my list either.

Next up, teaser of Buck Tile St. Cafe's must-order photogenic Blue Velvet Waffle (S$ 11.90).

The waffle comes with a single scoop of ice-cream. Felt that the coconut flavoured ice-cream would complement the white (blue) cocoa sauce. It did.
Natural blue food are rare to come by. Even blueberries are indigo instead of blue. Therefore, blue food, mostly dessert, has become a peculiar but interesting thing for me.

BUT THIS BLUE IS SO PRETTY OMG. Judging by the colour alone, it looks sweet and dreamy and cloudy (somehow).

After multiple placements and photoshoots, it was time to test whether the blue velvet waffle could live up to its name.
Waffle was crispy on the outside, soft on the insides. However, we spent a little too long on taking photos so it was not as hot as it was supposed to be. IT WAS WORTH IT THOUGH.

B U C K T I L E S T.. notice something? It's an anagram for BUCKETLIST!

Looking at what other people have on their bucket list.

Go big or go home!
I do have a bucketlist hidden somewhere at my workspace, a whole book filled with the things that I want to do. However, the 4 things above are the main ones.
You could make your own bucket list or look at other people's bucket lists at bucketlist.org. (Found this site when I was making my ultimate bucket list a few weeks back)

Would visit Buck Tile St. Cafe again in the future, preferably with someone to share the food with as they also serve mains and other food. #ForeverAlone #WhyAmIUsingHashtagsHere

Now, how to get there:

Bus stops / bus numbers:
The Infiniti (20031) - 97, 154, 197, 198, 201
Opp The Infiniti (20039) - 97, 154, 197, 198, 201

From Clementi MRT
Board bus 154 or 201 at Clementi Stn bus stop (17171) and alight at The Infiniti (20031).
Cross the overhead bridge and turn to your left.
Walk for about 1-2 minutes and turn left at the small pathway towards the residential area.
Walk a little bit further and you will see the shop houses below.

Buck Tile St. Cafe is located towards the other end of the shophouses at Faber Drive.

Food: 8.5/10
Ambiance: 9.5/10 (That 0.5 for being abit hard to reach)
Price: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Overall: 8.6/10

(based on personal experience)

Buck Tile St. Cafe
104 Faber Drive, 
129412 Singapore.
Tel No.: +6565667058

FB: Buck Tile St. FB
Operating Hours: 12-11pm (CLOSED ON WEDNESDAYS)

Nearest MRT: Clementi (East West Line/Green Line)

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    1. Ofcourse. First off you'll have to... not ask someone to takeaway dimsum for you.


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