So, as I promised, here's part 2 of the Tua Pek Kong Temple trip. This is more of a photography post anyway.

All the pictures were taken inside this garden. Sun Wu Kong's homeplace. Well, not the actual one, but just a name for the place. Thank God there weren't any monkeys inside. It's not that I don't like monkeys or anything but I'm afraid for my camera. Hahaha. What if a monkey jumped on it and the whole DSLR fell into the sea? D:
It's a possibility.

Here are some statues.
I never got the story behind them anyway.

Yes, here comes the nature-ish pictures.

Nothing beats a classic black-and-white picture.

Therefore, I did another one.

Actually, for this photo, I just like the rainbow colors. I'm terribly awful at physics so I'm not going explain the theories. Uhm, water + sunlight? Hahaha.

And here's my cute model brother. x)

A lone bird.

and Me. ahahaha xD
My bro took this photo of me. I left the digital camera in the car so he had to use the DSLR. Unfortunately, it's too heavy for him so he just took some quick snaps. And there's no one else around to help. So, I had to bear with it.
P.S. bought the top from Sungei Wang Plaza and my sis said it looked like a clown's. Sheesh.

Well, guess that's that. Any favourites?

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